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Machine Robo character
Gades in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 1, "Rising Storm! The Fighting Style of Justice!"
First appearance

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 1, "Rising Storm! The Fighting Style of Justice!"
Created by

Voiced by

Shigezo Sasaoka
Japanese name

Aliases Gadess
Occupation Gandora leader



Gades is a fictional character from the Machine Robo series. He is the evil leader of the Galdora.

Machine Robo

Gades is the evil leader of the Gandora. Inside his powerful armor he is actually an ancient being who clings on to life. He can teleport and increase the power to his followers. He is obsessed with extending his life by obtaining the power of the Hyribead. He commands vast forces of powerful aliens and robots from the Gandora mothership.

Animated series

Gades first appeared in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 1, "Rising Storm! The Fighting Style of Justice!". In that episode the Gandora forces arrived in orbit around the planet Cronos and Gades ordered Devil Satan 6 and Grujious to recover the Hyribead from Kirai Stol.[1]

In episode 2, "Wolf Sword! Call Forth the Thunder of Courage!" Gades punished Grujious for his failure, but allows his lieutenant and the Devil Satan 6 another chance at finding the Hyribead.[2]

In episode 3 "Steal the Metal Laster!" the Vera village was attacked by the Devil Satan 6, who were looking for the Metal Laster for Gades, which was rumored to cure rust and aging. Rom Stol battled the 6, but they got away with a jug which they thought contained the Metal Laster. When they presented it to Gades he discovered it only contained rust-inducing acid and threw it at the 6. [3]

Gaded appeared in episode 4, "Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village".[4]

Gades appeared in episode 5, "Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!".[5]

Gades appeared in episode 6, "The Rock People and Mizuchi the Mysterious Dragon".[6]

Gades appeared in episode 7, "Sofia, Warrior Woman of the Leo Clan".[7]

Gades appeared in episode 8, "The Demon Sea of the Lost Civilization of Mu".[8]

Gades appeared in episode 9, "Dash Out, Tank Trancer!".[9]

Gades appeared in episode 33, "The Lost Ruin - Four Secrets!".[10]

Gades appeared in episode 28, "Tough Trailer - 10 Seconds to Detonation".[11]

Gades appeared in episode 34, "Vikung-Fu Disappears In Space".[12]

Gades appeared in episode 42, "Vikung-Fu - Cry of Anger".[13]


Gades appeared in the Playstation Portable game Super Robot Wars MX Portable.[14]

Gades appeared in the Playstation 2 game Super Robot Wars Impact.[15]

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