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GKP Maker Ponishare-verified.png
Type Digital Marketing Agency
Industry Digital Marketing Service Provider
Founder(s) Diogo Formagin Neves
Website https://gkpmaker.com/

GKP Maker is an online digital marketing agency offering basic and advanced marketing solutions for small & medium-sized businesses and large corporations seeking a formidable online presence. The company offers various types of digital marketing solutions in the fields of Google Knowledge Panel, Local SEO, Wikipedia, Press Release, and Graphic Design among other tailor-made digital marketing solutions.[1]


GKP Maker was founded in 2020 by Diogo Formagin Neves. The company has a global presence in many countries and it is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The vision of the founder is to make it a leading global digital marketing agency. Gkpmaker.com has since its inception been actively involved in various digital marketing campaigns for various businesses across the world.

The core aim of the company is to provide excellent digital marketing consultancy using modern digital marketing techniques. The founder has been implementing experimental techniques, which are now trending in the field of digital marketing.[2]

Services offered

GKP Maker relies on technology to offer customized digital marketing services. The company uses advanced cloud-based technology for its sales automation software that has embedded features for email marketing, web analytics, and lead scoring. It also provides a user-friendly dashboard for its clients to monitor conversation rates. The software used by GKP Maker allows for live interactions between businesses and their clients. The main services offered are Google Knowledge Panel, Local SEO, Wikipedia Pages, Graphic Design, and Press Releases.[3]

Google Knowledge Panel

GKP Maker uses a Google knowledge graph from Google to enhance the visibility of its clients’ on Google’s search engine.

Local SEO

The company provides localized SEO solutions to its clients. In marketing, SEO experts of GKP Maker collaborate with the clients to come up with the best Local SEO Service for effective digital marketing.

Wikipedia pages

GKP Maker creates professional-looking Wikipedia Service for its clients. The Wikipedia pages created pass all the requirements needed for posting on Wikipedia.

Graphic design

The company uses advanced graphic designing tools to help its clients make appealing graphic representation of their businesses.

Consulting and writing Press Releases

GKP Maker provides a specialized press release services to its clients. It offers both consultation and writing of Press Releases for businesses.

External application integrations

The company offers advanced application integration services with the top external applications to offer digital marketing services such as e-commerce SEO, on-page SEO, product optimization, keyword research, competitors analytics, keywords ranking, Facebook marketing, video marketing, social media ads, Google ads and many other integrated digital marketing applications.

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