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Dr. Thaddeus Morocco is a recurring antagonist in the Transformers: Rescue Bots animated series.


Born some time in the 1800s, Morocco befriended the famous author, inventor, and traveler Jules Verne, who gave him one of two machines he had developed known as Verne devices. Their friendship weakened as Morocco grew more and more ambitious, and began using his Verne device to maintain his youth-using a chamber he may have stolen from yet another scientist-while Verne turned his own to more noble pursuits. Eventually Morocco took up residence on the island of Griffin Rock some time prior to 1939, where he continued to develop dangerous experimental technology such as time machines that he was unable to power. His nefarious activities soon drew the attention of Dr. Elma Hendrickson, who so feared Morocco's ambition that she hid a powerful quantum crystal in Griffin Rock's time capsule to keep it out of his hands.

Morocco's "Chamber of Youth" enabled him to survive to the present day, though some years ago he apparently applied for the position of head scientist of Griffin Rock only to be turned away in favor of Ezra Greene, who long with Chief Charlie Burns felt that Morocco's technology was dangerous. Seeking revenge, Morocco secretly returned to Griffin Rock and began sabotaging Doc Greene through various means, eventually getting him fired. Morocco then returned openly to reapply for the post, and demonstrated his MorBot-a mindless robot counterpart to the Rescue Bots-to demonstrate his qualifications and get the Burns family out of his way. He briefly succeeded despite the MorBot's destructive approach to "rescues," but was eventually exposed for attempting to sell Griffin Rock technology to black market military contacts.

Morocco would later cross paths with the Rescue Bots and their human allies again-or, from his perspective, the first time-when Cody Burns, Frankie Greene, and the Rescue Bots were accidentally transported back to 1939 due to the Bots' Energon interacting with one of Morocco's time machines. The Morocco of the past became obsessed with learning the Rescue Bots secrets, but was prevented when they escaped through the time portal with the help of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Unfortunately, one of Doc Greene's robots was accidentally left behind for Morocco to dissect, creating an alternate timeline in which Morocco used it's technology to develop an army of MorBots and become the dictator of Griffin Rock. Upon discovering that his escaped foes had appeared in this new future, he attempted to capture them but was thwarted when they joined forces with the Burns family of this reality. This enabled the heroes to return to 1939 and recover the robot before Morocco had a chance to dissect it's technology, restoring the proper timeline.

Dr. Morocco later returned and laid claim to the U.S.S. Isolde', a long-lost cargo ship carrying a formidable collection of forgotten technology which Morocco quickly set about appropriating. Using the technology, he arranged to spy on the Burns family and then infiltrate their home, which was also the headquarters of the Rescue Bots, and learn his enemies' secrets. He soon hatched a plan in tandem with Madeline Pynch, using an additional property of his Verne device to erase the Rescue Bots' memories and convince them that he was an ally. The two villains then put the four to work mining gold from beneath Griffin Rock, only to trigger an explosion that left Morocco's submarine damaged and adrift. Pynch then departed, and Morocco was captured and forced to use his device to restore the Bots' memories before being imprisoned.

Morocco eventually escaped from jail by taking control of a swarm of mutant ants, which he used to rebuild his MorBot and escape only for the ants to start devouring it. He eventually found his submarine in the possession of Madame Pynch, who returned it to him in exchange for his Verne device. Left with no choice, he used his last moments with the machine to send a message to Jules Verne asking for help, prompting the now time-traveling adventurer to come to his aid. However, Verne arrived in the company of the Burns family and the Rescue Bots, whose new ally High Tide proved able to defeat Morocco's sea creature minions. The Burnses and Verne then hatched a plan to erase Morocco's memories of his villainous life and send him to the utopian future, where he could renew his friendship with Verne and live in harmony.

This plan succeeded, but Morocco's machinations would continue to affect the Burns family when they inadvertently discovered a virus he had created inside a virtual reality game. This virus shared Morocco's appearance and infected Griffin Rock's computer systems, transferring the city's assets and valuables into Morocco's name. However, the virus was eventually expelled from the computer systems, only to use a 3D printer to create a miniature body for itself in Morocco's image. The virus was eventually frozen in ice by the Rescue Bots and placed in storage, though his glowing red eyes indicated that Morocco might return.