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Sidney Biggles-Jones
G.I. Joe character
Doctor Biggles-Jones in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero by Marvel Comics
First appearance

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero issue #135 (April 1993)
Species Human
Title Doctor

Doctor Biggles-Jones is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and Transformers series as seen in Marvel Comics.

Marvel Comics

The character is featured in many issues of the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series. Her first appearance is when her scientific facility is attacked by the mercenary 'Night Creepers'. All inside, with the exception of the Doctor, are killed. She and her railgun are taken. The Doctor protests the Creepers slaying her personal assistant, a balding older man, but they do anyway.[1]

She works closely with the seeming Joe traitor Scarlett. They work out of Destro's Trans-Carpathian castle. Biggles-Jones leads the hunt for Destro and the Baroness, who were hiding from Cobra Commander in the very walls of the castle. She also teams up with the Cobra ninjas Slice and Dice. At one point, Biggles-Jones expresses no remorse for the various Cobra Vipers she sees falling victim to the castle's traps. Destro and the Baroness escape with Joe help. Soon after, the alien robot Megatron shows up at the castle.[2]

Biggles-Jones invents Megatron's shoulder-mounted electromagnetic railgun. She was also largely responsible for Megatron's various other enhancements, including his new Tank-based alternate mode. The railgun itself was once a secret prototype weapon developed by Cobra, the evil organization from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline. Megatron discovered the railgun in the Marvel G.I. Joe comic issue #139, when he approached Cobra's transforming castle believing it to be a Decepticon. He was injured by the weapon and, upon further examination, was very impressed with it and its creator.

Megatron made a deal with Cobra Commander to trade Cybertronian technology from the Autobot spaceship the Ark, for a re-designed body, and the rail gun built by Cobra. Biggles-Jones however, was not a typical Cobra soldier; she cared about the welfare of the recently-injured operative, Scarlett, and concealed the fact that she knew Scarlett to be an undercover agent for G.I. Joe. As such, she became uncomfortable with Cobra Commander's deal with the powerful Megatron.

In issue #141, it was revealed that Cobra had already betrayed Biggles-Jones and offered her to Megatron as part of the deal. Megatron arrived to extract her and freeze her brain for transport to Cybertron. Scarlett, paying back a debt for Biggles-Jones saving her life, confronted Megatron to save her.[3]

In issue #143, we find that Scarlett's bold challenge had allowed a squad of Autobots, led by Hot Spot, to intercept the reborn Decepticon Lord and free Biggles-Jones. The Autobots soon found that they were no match for Megatron's new, enhanced body, and the encounter eventually led to the deaths of Steeljaw, Chase, Brawn and Override. Fortunately, their sacrifices allowed the Joes to smuggle the deactivated Aerialbot Skydive aboard the Ark (along with Spike Witwicky). However, Megatron relentlessly chased the Joes attempting to escape with Biggles-Jones. Having witnessed the nobility of the slain Autobots, the scientist willingly surrendered to Megatron, who reclaimed her and stowed her aboard the Ark before departing.[4]

While on the Ark, Megatron revealed that he knew that the railgun was infected with a computer virus designed to render it inoperable. Megatron explained that he transferred the virus to the technology he gave to Cobra, making it all useless. Megatron and his prisoner blasted off for Cybertron.

In Transformers: Generation 2 #2, it was revealed that Spike Witwicky sneaked onto the Ark during Megatron's battle with Cobra. On the Ark, Spike found his Headmaster body, Fortress Maximus right where he left him in the original Marvel Transformers issue #79. He was about to transform into Fortress Maximus's head when he was confronted by Skydive, who was unaware that Fortress Maximus was a Headmaster, and hence believed Spike was tampering with a fellow Autobot.Spike then transformed and combined with his binary-bonded partner and eased Skydive's fears. He also revealed his plan to stop Megatron.

Soon after, Fortress Maximus confronted and battled Megatron, allowing Skydive to free Biggles-Jones. Unable to defeat Megatron in combat, Fortress Maximus decided to destroy the reactor core of the Ark, and asked Spike to leave and escape with Skydive and Biggles-Jones, Spike declined, and instead sacrificed himself along with Fortress Maximus, destroying the Ark for good. However, not only had Skydive escaped with Dr. Biggles-Jones, but Megatron too had escaped.

Dr. Biggles-Jones was brought by 'Skydive' to the G.I. Joe forces, where they all gathered to ponder the nature of heroism and sacrifice.

Devil's Due Publications

In the Devil's Due Publication of G.I. Joe Special Missions: Antarctica, Dr. Biggles-Jones is mentioned to have been found in a Cobra medical facility.

Dr. Biggles-Jones is listed in G.I. Joe: America's Elite #31 as terminated by Cobra during a raid on The Coffin, the G.I. Joe's maximum security prison. This raid was led by Tomax, who was concerned over the fate of his injured brother, Xamot, himself a prisoner. While reviewing the "Prisoners Terminated" list, Storm Shadow explains, "Tomax...was able to eliminate those Cobra considered loose ends." Fellow fatalities include Monkeywrench and Headman [5]


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