Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village

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"Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village"
Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode
"Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village" title credit
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Directed by Yuji Uchida
Written by Hiroko Naka
Original air date July 31st, 1986
Guest actors

Kenyuu Horiuchi as Tomash

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Steal the Metal Laster!"
Next →
"Hot Fight at Absolute Zero!"

Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village is the fourth episode of the animated television series Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos, which was broadcast on July 31st, 1986 in Japan.[1]


Tomash of Sunsua village in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos episode 4

Rom and the others are resting in a desert oasis when the Wolf Sword suddenly glows and points the way to Sunsua. The next morning on their way there the group is stopped by a rockfall and ambushed by a group of Cronos Clan people lead by Tomash. It's soon cleared up as a misunderstanding - the people are from the village of Sunsua, who fear outsiders. Rom suspects there is something else happening however and snoops around the village mine. There he discovers the Gandora have enslaved the villagers and their chief Tomash. He intervenes and kills one of the guards, but then finds the Devil Satan 6 taking hostages. The invaders are after a nearby energy source and take Rom prisoner.

Jet, Drill, Reina and Jim spot Grujious heading towards the village. Jim and Reina meet Tomash on their way and are captured by his men. Jet comes back and saves them, inspiring Tomash to order his men to rise up against the Gandora. Rom contacts Reina through the Wolf Sword allowing Drill to burrow into his cell and free him. He summons Blade Dragon while the villagers rise up against the guards. Devil Satan 6 combine in response but are once again driven off by Vikung-Fu. Grujious then reveals the village has bombs planted in it, but Drill has found and disabled the explosives and the Gandora retreat. Tomash thanks Rom for freeing the village.


Heroes Gandora Others
Reina Stol Gades Kirai Stol
Rom Stol Gillhead Sunsua Villagers
Blue Jet Barabat Tomash
Battleflex Diondora
Triple Jim Grujious
Rod Drill Devil Soldiers
Blade Dragon Deathclaw
Vikung-Fu Gurogiron
Devil Satan 6


  • Fun fact - Mechanoids sleep.
  • Rom can block arrows with his kicks. Blue Jet can block arrows with his sword.
  • Reina casts her horoscope on a electronic device, but Rom and Jet are skeptical of horoscopes.
  • Reina can leap a good 30 feet and can throw two normal Chronos Clan men with ease.
  • The Wolf Sword can glow and point in the direction Rom needs to travel. Rom can also use it to send a mental message to Reina.
  • Rom and Reina say they are from Cisua, which is likely the city from episode 1.
  • Blue Jet mentioned Rom was a member of the only Clan that didn't transform. That clan is named in this episode as the Cronos Clan.
  • The Cronos Clan people of Sunsua village mine romtron, an energy source for mechanoids. The energy from romtron is likely related to the energy found in romtro apples.
  • Rom's lecture in this episode is about battle. The Devil Soldier doesn't deserve to know Rom's name.
  • The Devil Satan 6 use personal energy barriers which stop Rom Stol from attacking them.
  • Triple Jim transforms from car to robot mode with Reina inside him, and she appears coming out his back.
  • Rom's hands are tied when he is captured, but they randomly become untied and tied again when Gillhead comes to execute him.
  • Vikung-Fu defeats Devil Satan 6 with his Lightning Slash attack.
  • Death toll: The Devil Soldier is dispatched by Rom with a Hurricane Kick
  • The French dub of this episode was called "Un Village Esclave", which means "A Slave Village".
  • Some English subtitles of this episode are called "The Evil Trap, the City Under Control" or "The Evil Trap, and the City That Has Been Attacked".



  1. "Devil Trap - The Enslaved Village". Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos. July 31st, 1986. No. 4, season 1.

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