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Defense Specialist
iGear character
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Nickname(s) Thirst Aid
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Defense Specialist is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 First Aid and Ratchet made by iGear in 2013.


Other third-party Transformer homages to Ratchet include iGear's Medical Specialist.


Defense Specialist was designed by Cassy Sark.

iGear put Defense Specialist up for order on their store web site in November 2013.[1]

Defense Specialist shipped in December 2013.


Fictional biography

The adage goes that attack is the best form of defence. Defence Specialist believes that this is untrue, and that a good defence is all you need to survive.

The ultimate pacifist, he spent his whole life training for the RoBotian game of Lobbing, only to realise during his very first game that he couldn't muster the aggression needed to do even a basic play, if another bot was under threat of even the most trivial of harm.

With nowhere else to go, he stayed in the game, working on the sidelines as the equivalent of a water boy, where he earned the nickname; “Thirst Aid”.

It was that very nickname that led him to his true calling on life, when he mistakenly ran on to the pitch to help an injured player after he thought he heard his name called. With a new calling in life working in medicine, and with Medical Specialist as his mentor, DS has made treatment proactive instead of reactive, as he helps his RoBot comrades formulate defence plans to minimise casualties on the battlefield.


  • iGear PP-05D Defense Specialist (2013)
A remold of Weapon Specialist and Medical Specialist. Turns from robot into van. Has a new head, three alternate "Medical Specialist" heads, and a gun. Comes with instructions and collector card.
  • Reprolabels Specialist Ratchet (2013)
A set of labels intended to make Medical/Defense Specialist look more like Generation 1 Ratchet.[2]



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