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Deathcobra is a Decepticon from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Animated series

A member of the Breast Force who turned into a helicopter, Deathcobra appeared in only one episode of Transformers: Victory when Leozack announced his intentions to have Deathcobra join the Breast Force and replace the disliked Hellbat. Unable to bear the thought of losing his position among the Decepticons, Hellbat intercepted Deathcobra and pleaded with him not to replace him, but Deathcobra had no sympathy for the whining Decepticon. Hellbat attempted to intimidate Deathcobra into leaving only to trigger a firefight that inadvertently led to Deathcobra being mortally wounded. Shocked at what he had done, Hellbat nevertheless quickly thought of a way to turn the situation to his advantage by framing the Autobots for Deathcobra's murder; this immediately preceded the Breast Force's first on-screen transformation into Liokaiser

Deathcobra had a Breast Animal that-judging by naming convention-would have transformed into a cobra, and presumably had the ability to form a component of Liokaiser; however, neither of these features were seen in the series.

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