Days of Wreckening

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Days of Wreckening  
Neil Ross (center) and Scott McNeil (right) at the Days of Wreckening reading
Author(s) Philip M. Gervais
Illustrator Ninjatron
Country Canada
Language English
Series TFcon
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher TFcon
Publication date July 25th, 2012 (prelude)
Pages 8 (prelude)
Preceded by Ghost of a Chance/The Enemy Within
Followed by Grab and Go

Days of Wreckening is a work of Transformers fan fiction featured as a voice actor play at TFcon 2012. It included two of the original The Transformers and Beast Wars voice actors reprising their past rolls along with fan voice actors playing the other rolls.[1]



On the planet Cybertron, in or around the year 2312, Depth Charge confronts Maximal Council members Ironhide, Prowl and Silverbolt about the fact that the ship carrying Protoform X has been lost. The council assume X was killed, but Depth Charge insists on finding his hated nemesis and to make sure. As Depth Charge storms out of the meeting he passes Springer and Slag. Springer comments that Depth Charge is about to do something hot headed like he used to do.

Four million years in the past, Springer leaves Cybertron on the Xantium with Broadside and Roadbuster on a mission assigned to them by Ultra Magnus to find out what happened to Optimus Prime's crew on the Ark. The ship's sensors pick up signals of small Cybertronians on a planet, as well as several Decepticons. On the planet Earth the Constructicons Bonecrusher, Hook and Mixmaster are detecting the small Cybertronian signals as well and discover a jamming tower. Blackarachnia, Waspinator and Quickstrike discover the Constructicons and introduce themselves as Predacons. The Maximals Cheetor, Dinobot, Rattrap and Silverbolt arrive. Blackarachnia describes the Maximals as Autobot sympathizers and the Constructicons attack them. As Dinobot plans to die an honorable death in battle against overwhelming odds the fight is joined by Springer and his Wreckers.


After a four-way confrontation between the Constructions, Wreckers, Maximals and Predacons the Constructicons start to suffer from energon surges and leave the planet. The Wreckers leave as well as well, to continue their search for the Ark. The Maximals consider returning to Cybertron with the Wreckers, but realize they cannot risk changing history or letting the Ark be discovered early.


Autobots Decepticons Maximals Predacons
Generation 1 Springer Generation 1 Hook Beast Wars Ironhide Beast Wars Blackarachnia
Generation 1 Slag Generation 1 Bonecrusher Beast Wars Prowl Beast Wars Waspinator
Generation 1 Broadside Generation 1 Mixmaster Beast Wars Silverbolt Beast Wars Quickstrike
Generation 1 Roadbuster Beast Wars Depth Charge
Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap
Beast Wars Dinobot
Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor
Beast Wars Fuzor Silverbolt
  • Neil Ross portrayed the characters of Bonecrusher, Hook, Slag and Springer, character he voiced on The Transformers.
  • Scott McNeil portrayed the characters of Dinobot, Rattrap and Fuzor Silverbolt, characters he voiced in Beast Wars and Beast Machines.
  • member Malwave voiced Beast Wars Quickstrike.
  • member Decepticon Army voiced Beast Wars Depth Charge and the narrator.


  • The scene with Depth Charge takes place before his arrival on prehistoric Earth in the 41st Beast Wars episode "Deep Metal". The scenes on prehistoric Earth take place some time after Silverbolt refuses to shoot Blackarachnia in episode 30, "Tangled Web" and before Dinobot's death in episode 35 "Code of Hero".
  • Springer's ship, the Xantium, is the same ship first seen as the Wreckers ship in the IDW Publishing series Stormbringer.



  1. Philip M. Gervais (w), Ninjatron (a). Days of Wreckening (July 25th, 2012), Toronto, Canada: TFcon

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