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Crosscut is an Autobot from the Transformers franchise, usually seen as a repaint of Transformers: Generation 1 Skids in the colors the figure had in the Diaclone line.


Crosscut's original tech spec identifies him as an Autobot ambassador often accompanied by Road Rage.

Fictional biography

Crosscut isn't known for his accomplishments in battle, but his role is no less valuable to the Autobot cause. The ambassador's vast knowledge of languages and civilizations enables him to forge alliances across the universe. The Autobots can establish footholds on other worlds without firing a shot.


  • Reissues Crosscut (2002)
An E-Hobby exclusive repaint of G1 Skids.
  • Generations Thrilling 30 Crosscut (2014)
A Transformers: Generations figure that shares its mold with Skids and Rollbar.
  • Hasbro Transformers Legacy Crosscut (2023)
Comes with two guns and an ax weapon that combine.

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