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Contrail is a member of the Seekers in the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity


In Transformers: Exodus, Contrail is a member of the High Council of Cybertron, and participates with his fellows when Orion Pax and Megatron come before them to state their cases. Along with his fellow councilors-including Halogen, Gauntlet, Sigil, Ratbat, and Drivetrain-he votes to name Orion as the next Prime and tasks him with seeking out the Matrix of Leadership. However, when Megatron responds by refusing to acknowledge Optimus as the new Prime and declares war, Contrail and Ratbat join forces with the leader of the Decepticons.

Animated series

Contrail is briefly named in Robots in Disguise, apparently having become a Cybertronian crime boss at some point after joining the Decepticons if not before. One of his underlings, Terrashock, was sent to attack an enemy, but then captured and imprisoned aboard the Autobot prison ship Alchemor; what became of Contrail afterwards is unknown.