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Lost Protectors character
Concept art
Created by

Play With This Too
Species Human

Concept is a fictional character and homage to the Transformers character Swoop made by Play With This Too.

Lost Protectors

Concept is a character created by Play With This Too for their Lost Protector series. He wears an Aegis armor which is capable of interplanetary flight thanks to its Cosmoglider wings, which can also be changed into Cosmoshield that can deflect almost any attack.


Concept is an homage to the Transformers characters Swoop, with body parts influenced by the design of Transformers Pretenders Grimlock and Starscream.

Play With This Too revealed the first concept art for Concept in a Kickstarter update in March 2015.[1]

In July 2015 Play With This Too released prototype images of the parts for Boneyard, which included parts used on Concept.

In August 2015 Play With This Too released images of prototype parts for Jetstrike, which included parts used on Concept.

Mathew Robert Ignash suggested the names Bombstrike, Fearstrike or Sortie for this character.


The Star To Star Toys News podcast for March 23rd, 2015 discussed Calaminous Haagenti, Catastropheles, Concept, Count Tuskula, Desolataur, King Adder, Lord Tangent von Tuskuleser, Madwing, Muscules, Skull-F, Terribull and Wastelander in the news.[2]

Fictional biography

Concept wears an Aegis armor which grants him flight, enhanced durability, longevity, strength and several inbuilt weapons. His suit also provides ultraviolet vision, breathable air and protection from harsh environmental conditions including under water and the vacuum of space.


  • Play With This Too Lost Protectors Concept (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale articulated figure with interchangeable head and limbs. He has numerous 5mm connector ports. Comes with a helmet, wings and thigh armor.
Concept shares some parts with Barbaricles, Baron Tuskador, Boneyard, Cloudstrike, Coleopterous, Faststrike, Flarestrike, Jetstrike, Manvil Forgehead, Meanbean, Muscules, Stonebreaker, Stormstrike, Wastelander and Wrecktifier.



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