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Caminus is a planet featured in various branches of the Transformers franchise, notable for being inhabited by several female Transformers.


Generation 1

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Animated series

In Transformers: Combiner Wars, Caminus was ruled by the Mistress of Flame, who later left the planet to join the ruling council on Cybertron. The planet was subsequently devastated by the Combiner Wars, prompting the once peaceful Windblade to declare war on the giant robots. Computron and Menasor became locked in battle after emerging from a Space Bridge above the planet's surface, and crashed on the planet with disastrous consequences for Computron. Windblade and her friend Maxima soon engaged Menasor, and in the ensuing struggle both Menasor and Maxima perished. Learning from the dying Decepticon Combiner that the Council of Worlds possessed the Enigma of Combination, Windblade set out to stop them from employing it, unaware that Computron had relayed her departure to Optimus Prime. Word of the Combiners' battle reached Cybertron, and Starscream dispatched forces to recover Menasor and Computron's bodies so that more could be learned about the Combiners.