Bothar Shadowhorn

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Bothar Shadowhorn
Mythic Legions character
Bothar shadowhorn-carded.jpg
Bothar Shadowhorn on card
First appearance

Mythic Legions Book 1, February 2017
Created by

Four Horsemen Studios
Species Dwarf
Occupation Fighter
Relatives Thord Ironjaw (distant cousin)

Legion of Arethyr, formerly Army of Leodysseus

Bothar Shadowhorn is a fictional character from the Mythic Legions series introduced in 2016. He is a fighter in the Legion of Arethyr.

Mythic Legions


Bothar Shadowhorn is a fictional character in Mythic Legions series. He is a dwarf fighter in the Legion of Arethyr, an army made up of the most savage and brutal warriors that Mythoss has to offer.


The Bothar Shadowhorn toy was funded by the Mythic Legions Action Figures Kickstarter campaign in 2015. He was available for $45 by himself or as a $33 add-on for US backers.[1]

In May 2023 Bothar Shadowhorn was voted by fans to be part of the All Stars 6 wave.


Fictional biography

Bothar Shadowhorn art
A distant cousin of Thord Ironjaw, Bothar Shadowhorn has little in common with his heroic kin. The Shadowhorn Clan, once proudly aligned with the Army of Leodysseus, were long ago swayed by Arethyr's promises of riches and power. Bothar's insatiable thirst for blood is eclipsed only by his hatred of Thord, whose Ironjaw Clan serves as a grim reminder of what his people once were and what they have now become.


Bothar Shadowhorn first appeared in Mythic Legions Book 1 where helped summon Arethyr to Mythoss. A biography for Bothar Shadowhorn also appeared in this book.


  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Bothar Shadowhorn (2016)
A 1:12 scale figure by Four Horsemen. The head on Bothar Shadowhorn is an original design which was later used for the Cavern Dwarf. This figure uses parts from other figures in the line, including the torso first used by the Silver Knight and limbs first used by the Bronze Dwarf. Comes with a sword, axe and dagger.
  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Bothar Shadowhorn Test Shot (2016)
A release of the figure in grey plastic with no paint.
Limited to 10 pieces.[2]



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