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Bonecrusher is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Name Bonecrusher
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generation 2
Transformers: Classics
English voice actor Neil Ross[1]
Japanese voice actor Sho Hayami
Alternate modes Bulldozer (Generation 1, Generation 2)
Front end Loader (Classics)
Function Demolitions
Motto "Hit it till it stands no taller than dust."
Partner Long Haul, Scavenger, Scrapper, Hook, Mixmaster, and Hightower
Rank 4
Sub-group Constructicons, Scouts

Bonecrusher (called Scudo in Italy) is a member of the Constructicons.[2][3] He is a brawler by nature and specialises in demolitions work. He would enjoy the extra potential for destruction as Devastator if it didn't mean sharing the same mindspace as his fellow Constructicons. He transforms into a bulldozer, and forms Devastator's left arm.[4][5]

Animated series

According to the Autobot, Omega Supreme, millions of years ago, the Constructicons were the creators of the beautiful Crystal City on the Transformers' homeworld of Cybertron, which he was assigned the task of guarding. As a friend of the Constructicons, he was hurt the most when they were attacked by Megatron, who, seeking to bolster the forces of his then-small army, subjected the Constructicons to the Robo-Smasher, a device which reprogrammed their minds and turned them into Decepticons. In their first act as Megatron's troops, the Constructicons lured Omega away from Crystal City and demolished it, enraging Omega, who pursued the Constructions across the planet. Eventually, he succeeded in capturing them and apparently restored their programming to its original state, but as the group returned to rebuild Crystal City, Omega learned that Megatron's reprogramming could never be undone - the Constructicons were still Decepticons, and more than that, Megatron had given them a new power: the ability to combine their bodies and minds into the giant known as Devastator. In the ensuing struggle with Devastator, the Robo-Smasher attacked Omega's mind. He was able to stop it before the reprogramming was complete, only to wind up losing his emotions. Filled with only hatred for the Constructicons, Omega relentlessly pursued them, until they finally fled Cybertron in a spacecraft, which Omega chased across the galaxy.

In 1984, the Constructicons joined with Megatron's forces on Earth, and their first mission was an impressive one - Scrapper designed a machine to transfer the other Decepticons' powers to Megatron, and while he battled Optimus Prime, holding the attention of the Autobots, the Constructicons invaded the Ark to destroy Teletraan I.

Unfortunately for them, the Ark was protected by the Dinobots, but by merging into Devastator, they became more than a match for their prehistoric foes. The return of the other Autobots and the discovery of Megatron's deception spelled the end of the battle, however, as Hound distracted Devastator with a gigantic hologram, and Optimus Prime blasted the giant at just the right spot to force the Constructicons to disengage. They and the other Decepticons were then forced into a river of lava.

The Constructicons all managed to survive their magma bath mostly unscathed, except for Mixmaster, whose mind was apparently damaged by the experience, as he developed his manic personality and a fondness for repeating his words, which he had not displayed before. Regardless, the team was soon back at work again, performing such varied tasks as assisting in Megatron's reconstruction of New York City - which also involved turning Optimus Prime's scrapped remains into a robotic alligator - and building a device to paralyse Transformers in their vehicular modes, as well as another that could crush them. When the Autobots would interfere in their plans, Devastator would invariably be formed - something that the Autobots chose to use to their advantage when they discovered that the Constructicons were drilling to the Earth's core. Sneaking "dominator disks" onto the separate Constructicons, when they merged into Devastator, the Autobots took control of his mind and used him for their own ends until he escaped, and, surprisingly, helped stop the drill to prevent the destruction of the Earth.

Upon learning of the Autobot Grapple's solar power tower design, Scrapper and the Constructicons pretended to have defected from the Decepticons in order to help him and Hoist construct it, exposing their treachery upon its completion. Later, when the other Decepticons began to suffer from Cybertonium degeneration, the Constructions - apparently working fine, presumably as a result of their newly built Cybertonium-free Earth bodies - took delivery of a shipment of the mineral via the Space Bridge, and as Devastator, failed to stop Spike Witwicky and Carly from getting by them and travelling to Cybertron.

In 1985, when Omega Supreme learned that the Constructicons were active on Earth, he arrived on the planet and joined Optimus Prime's forces, biding his time until he could face his former friends again. That chance arose when the Constructions were discovered mining an asteroid, and Omega was dispatched to investigate. Ignoring Optimus Prime's orders, Omega Supreme engaged the Constructicons, and in the battle, split the asteroid in two, revealing that it was an egg of sorts, incubating a monstrous alien creature, which promptly attacked San Francisco while Omega, ignoring the plight of the city, continued to battle the Constructicons. Optimus Prime then entered the fray, convincing Omega that saving the city was more important than revenge, and forcing the Constructicons to retreat.

The building skills of the Constructicons remained in demand - other creations around this time included an army of drone Transformers created from common Earth cars; various constructs for Blitzwing, including a throne constructed from deactivated Autobots and a massive maze; and a giant ruby-powered laser cannon - but their combining powers soon became a lot less distinctive with the creation of several new similarly-powered Autobot and Decepticon sub-groups. (The Constructicons themselves were responsible for converting the second batch of stolen Earth cars into the Stunticons.) Devastator was even defeated in battle by the Combaticons, who Starscream specially designed with the ability to combine into Bruticus for that eventuality.

The Constructicons in The Transformers: The Movie

In the Earth year 2005, Devastator was the Decepticons' primary weapon in the Battle of Autobot City, tearing through the defenses and walls of the city and battling the Dinobots once more. On the return trip to Cybertron, it was Bonecrusher who advocated the "survival of the fittest" policy that saw many wounded Decepticons ejected from the shuttle, among them Megatron, prompting Scrapper to vote for the Constructions as the new leaders of the Decepticons. Hook took great offense to the notion that the unpopular Soundwave would make a better leader than them, leading to a mass brawl to decide who would be Decepticon leader. Later, on Cybertron, the Constructicons were blowing trumpets during Starscream's coronation but were cut off due to Starscream's impatience.

In the remainder of this year and throughout 2006, the Constructions maintained a smaller, but still present, role in the Decepticon army, lending their talents to the Decepticon/Quintesson alliance by constructing Trypticon out of a populated human city in only one night. Later, they built a planetary engine on an asteroid and battled on the planet Eurythma, aided in the overthrow of Paradron and took part in an attack on Japan. Although brief, the Constructicons even played a part in the battle for the Plasma Energy Chamber in 2007.

Transformers: Combiner Wars

Bonecrusher appears in Transformers: Combiner Wars as one of three Constructicons who challenge Megatron in the fourth episode only to be defeated; they then overhear his conversation with Optimus Prime and Windblade regarding the Enigma of Combination.


Bonecrusher appeared in the 1986 story and coloring book The Lost Treasure of Cybertron by Marvel Books.


Dreamwave Productions

In Dreamwave Productions's 21st century re-imagining of the Generation One universe, it was revealed gradually that the Constructicons were responsible for pioneering the Combining process through a series of experiments on themselves, thus creating Devastator. The plans to Devastator's combining process were eventually stolen by the Autobots and refined, resulting in Superion as a counter. This in turn led to more Special Teams being built by both sides.

In the initial War Within series the Constructicons were responsible for activating Cybertron's planetary engines, under the command of Megatron eight million years ago. When Megatron disappeared into the depths of the planet fighting Optimus Prime, Starscream temporarily took command and had Scrapper prepare a process for the resurfacing of Cybertron, which would transform it into a mobile war-world. Scrapper cautioned against such an action, but Starscream ignored him, and prevented him from stopping it when the process was underway. 1.5 million years later, when Megatron and Optimus Prime were thought to have died in an early test of the Space Bridge transport system, and the Autobots and Decepticons splintered into several smaller factions, the Constructicons broke the treaty that had downgraded the combining teams to non-combat status by siding with Ratbat's Ultracons and battling Defensor. The various War Within series showed that the Constructicons' alternate modes were the Cybertronian variants of their Earth designs.

It is apparent that the Constructicons were not aboard the Ark when it crashed on Earth four million years ago, but they did eventually find their way to Earth and joined Megatron's forces there after they awoke in 1984. All the Transformers were rendered inactive in the explosion of the Ark II in 1999, but when they reactivated in 2001, Devastator was the main weapon in Megatron's attack on San Francisco. Rampaging through the city, he battled and defeated Superion, but was defeated by Optimus Prime through a point-blank blast to the face, which toppled the giant. His remains were recovered by the Earth Defence Command, and dissected and studied in their underground base. The ultimate fate of Devastator was not revealed, however, as a result of Dreamwave's closure.

Fun Publications


In the Transformers: Timelines story "Games of Deception" by Fun Publications Bonecrusher appears among Megatrons troops.

Wing of Honor

Bonecrusher appears in "A Flash Forward" by Fun Publications. In the year 2005 Devastator attacks Autobot City. He is opposed by Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Red Alert and Tracks. Firing every weapon they have, the Autobots are able to force Devastator to break apart into the individual Constructicons. Now outnumbered the Autobots retreated. Red Alert is killed covering the withdrawal, as Megatron watches. These events and others are related to Jhaixus by Runabout and Runamuck in 2013.[6]

IDW Publishing

Bonecrusher was among the Decepticons who served the elder gods in the IDW Publishing Infestation 2: Transformers comic.[7]

Marvel Comics

Bonecrusher appeared among the Constructicons in the Marvel Transformers comic series.

The origins of the Constructions in Marvel Comics' Transformers series was not nearly so complicated. Seeking to bolster the size of his forces on Earth in 1985, Decepticon Commander Shockwave arranged for the construction of six new Decepticon bodies, which were then infused with life by the power of the Creation Matrix, tapped from the head of the imprisoned Optimus Prime. Thus, the Constructicons were born, and were immediately put to work building a massive radio transmission dish that Soundwave used to beam a message to Cybertron. When the Autobots attempted to interfere, the Constructicons revealed their hidden power and merged into Devastator to fight them off, allowing the message to successfully go through.

The Autobots, intrigued by Devastator's unique combining power, attempting to replicate it with the construction of Omega Supreme. But as Omega was composed of only three (non-sentient) components, unlike the six Constructicons that made up Devastator, the Autobots conducted a raid on the Decepticon base, luring out Devastator so that they could gather data on him. This allowed them to accomplish the construction of the new combiner team, the Aerialbots, capable of forming Superion, whom Devastator battled during the Transformers' adventure alongside G.I. Joe.

Although the United Kingdom's exclusive Transformers comic series shone the spotlight on the Constructicons when they were charged with hunting down Buster Witwicky, and again when the time-travelling Galvatron co-opted their services to build a gigantic laser cannon, the team's special talents were not required in the US title again until they and the Predacons stole large amounts of rocket fuel and raw materials, with which the Constructicons rebuilt the Decepticons' mobile island headquarters as a spaceship. With the entire Earth-based Decepticon army aboard the ship, under the command of Ratbat, they attacked an Autobot congregation on the moon, and while the battle raged, the Constructicons penetrated the Ark and recovered the deactivated bodies of several Decepticons defeated in an earlier clash with Omega Supreme.

Although the Constructicons did not appear again in the US Transformers title, they were not among the Transformers deactivated by the Underbase-empowered Starscream, and briefly appeared as part of the Autobot-Decepticon Alliance, both in group shots and as part of their last stand against Jhiaxus' forces. In the alternate future universe of 2008 featured in the UK Transformers comic, Mixmaster was briefly indicated to have ascended to leadership of the Constructicons. (This had, in fact, already been implied in the present day UK story "Second Generation", in which Mixmaster is seen viewing the transmissions from Buster Witwicky's mind alongside Shockwave and Soundwave.)

In 1990, the final year of the Transformers toyline in the US, an Action Master figure of Devastator was released, with a transforming partner named Scorpulator. Two years later, in 1992, the Constructicons' toys were re-released (exclusive to Europe), now in a yellow, purple and grey color scheme, with no individual names for the individual toys and lacking the additional pieces that allowed their original releases to combine into Devastator. A story published in issue 264 of the UK's Transformers comic is often cited as an attempt to explain both releases, but since the "new" Constructicons would not be released for another two years, the only toy the story could actually be based upon would be the Action Master version of Devastator. In the story, it was revealed that the Constructicons had lost the ability to combine and were attempting to rebuild Devastator as a singular, separate entity. The Autobots Ironhide and Bumblebee arrived on the island to investigate, and Ironhide was able to bypass the security grid and plant explosives to destroy the site, and Devastator with it.

TFcon comics

Quickstrike, Blackarachnia and Waspinator discover the Constructicons Bonecrusher, Hook and Mixmaster in Dark of Wreckening

Bonecrusher appears in the TFcon 2012 live script reading prelude comic. In this story Bonecrusher, Hook and Mixmaster discover the Predacons on prehistoric Earth and then are confronted by the Maximals and Wreckers .[8]


  • Generation 1 Bonecrusher (1985)
Bonecrusher is based on a Diaclone toy.[9][10]
  • Generation 2 Bonecrusher (orange) (1993)
Bonecrusher was re-released as a recolor in orange for Generation 2.
  • Generation 2 Bonecrusher (yellow) (1993)
Bonecrusher was re-released as a recolor in yellow for Generation 2.[11]
  • Classic Constructicon Devastator (2007)
A five pack set of recolors of Energon Construticon Maxmimus.
Bonecrusher is a recolor of the Energon Bonecrusher and Wedge toy. A Walmart store exclusive.
  • Generations Combiner Wars Devastator (2015)
A six pack of Voyager sized toys.

Beast Wars

Transformers character
beast Wars Bonecrusher on card
Name Bonecrusher
Series Beast Wars
Alternate modes Bison
Function First-Strike Infantry
Rank 7
Sub-group Deluxe Beast

Bonecrusher was the name of a deluxe sized Maximal toy who turned into a bison.[12]

Animated series

Bonecrusher's stasis pod was presumably among those who were launched into orbit around prehistoric Earth in the Beast Wars series pilot.

IDW Publishing

Bonecrusher was featured among the Maximals from the Axalon in IDW Publishing's Beast Wars: The Gathering series. The time line seems to be set before his Dreamwave appearance, as Dinobot's transmetal II clone had not been created yet. Originally his protoform was recovered by Magmatron's Predacons and infected with a Predacon shell program. Unbeknownst to Magmatron, his technical expert Razorbeast was a Maximal double-agent and had managed to modify the program so a significant number of those infected emerged as Maximals. After activation B'Boom, Bonecrusher, Optimus Minor, Ramulus, Snarl and Wolfang joined up led by Razorbeast. After the defeat of Magmatron's Predacons, the united group of Maximals awaited rescue from Cybertron. He appears among the Maximals in the sequel story Beast Wars: The Ascending.

Bonecrusher had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[13]

Dreamwave Productions

Bonecrusher would appear in the Dreamwave Productions' Transformers Summer Special. After Megatron's capture, Rattrap remembered the time when he was under attack by Dinobot's transmetal II clone while testing some digging equipment. His appeals to what was left of his former friend's personality proving ineffectual, he was astonished to be saved by the Maximals Bonecrusher, Optimus Minor and Wolfang. Although Rattrap was happy to discover new Maximals, the three oddly refused to go with him back to Maximal base.


  • Beast Wars Deluxe Bonecrusher
Bonecrusher's only accessory is the missile that shoots from his mouth.[14][15][16]
Bonecrusher was redecoed slightly into Bighorn, a Japanese exclusive Beast Wars Second character.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Fun Publications

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Wedge was reformatted into a version of Bonecrusher by a Robo-Smasher employed by Megazarak. This new Decepticon, the shortest and weakest member of his team, resented anyone and anything larger than him, from Megazarak and his own teammates to their combined form of Devastator. [17]


  • Universe Deluxe Bonecrusher (2006)
The second Transformers: Universe Bonecrusher is a Decepticon. Bonecrusher was a Target store exclusive. He was packaged together with Transformers: Universe Deluxe Scavenger. He is a redeco of Robots In Disguise Wedge also known as Car Robots Build Boy. Although no biography was made for Bonecrusher, he was a redeco of the mold originally used for Car Robots Build Boy. His Takara bio says: Transforms into a bulldozer, he is the young leader of the Build Masters. Reckless because of his youth, often there are times when he makes mistakes, but with the help of his companions and gaining plenty of experience, he is maturing into a sound leader. Wields a double barrelled beam gun (The Double Buster) in his fight against evil. He is always full of vigor.

Transformers: Armada

Transformers character
Armada Mini-Con Land Military Team on card
Name Bonecrusher
Japanese name Bomb
Series Transformers: Armada
Alternate modes Battle Truck
Motto "Walk softly and carry a big missile."
Partner Knock Out and Wreckage
Rank 5
Sub-group Land Military Team

Bonecrusher (Bomb in Japan) is the name of a Mini-Con that transforms into a black missile truck. He is part of the Land Military Team.[18]

According to his biography in Dreamwave comics Bonecrusher is a mech of few words who prefers to bash heads over talking. He's strong and tough for a Mini-Con. His missile is accurate up to 10 miles away. He can take a while to reload after each shot, leaving him vulnerable.

Animated series

Bonecrusher first appeared in episode #8, "Palace". After the exodus crashed on Earth, Bonecrusher lay dormant inside an ancient temple until being found and reactivated by the Decepticons. Though initially claimed by Demolishor, Megatron demanded he fork over the Mini-Con as soon as the battle was over, much to Demolishor's confusion and disappointment.

Once he was reunited with Knock Out and Wreckage [sometime between Episodes 16-21], however, the team eventually sent a signal to contact the Mini-Cons recovered by the Autobots. This ultimately led to a confrontation in which the Land Military Team, as well as many of the other Decepticon Mini-Cons, chose to join the Autobot side.

Bonecrusher and the others remained with the Autobots, eventually following them to Cybertron and coming together to fight their evil creator Unicron.

He last appeared in episode #52, "Mortal Combat".


Dreamwave Productions

Bonecrusher and the Land Military Team were captured and altered by the Decepticons to be used as weapons of conquest millions of years ago. They escaped aboard the exodus with most other Mini-Cons.

Bonecrusher first appeared in issue #7 of the Dreamwave Armada comic. They declared themselves free agents upon reactivating on Earth. Nonetheless, at the request of Alexis, Carlos and Rad, they freed Jolt, Longarm and Sparkplug from Decepticon captivity and helped them save the Autobots from the Decepticons.

Later they were taken against their will to Dualor's moonbase. Following the destruction and abandonment of the moonbase, the Land Military Team stayed with the Autobots, where they were instrumental in separating Star Saber from Megatron's grip after he used it to destroy the invading Galvatron.

Bonecrusher appeared among the Mini-Cons in issue #18 of the Transformers: Armada comic book who aided Over-Run using the Mini-Con Matrix in the defeat of Unicron.

Fun Publications

Bonecrusher appeared in the text story from Fun Publications called "Force of Habit." This story explained where he was during the events of the Cybertron story. Ultra Magnus was the commander of various Autobot ships sent to other planets in search for the Cyber Planet Keys. He also served as captain of the Iron Hope which was crewed by Bonecrusher, Grimlock, Ironhide, Knock Out, Overcast, Prowl, Quickstrike, RipTide, Skyblast, Smokescreen, Swoop, Wreckage and the Sky Scorcher Mini-Con Team.


  • Armada Bonecrusher (2002)
Bonecrusher was part of a Mini-Con 3 pack with Knock Out and Wreckage. Bonecrusher was re-colored and re-released as Scattor, a member of the Night Attack Team. He was later redecoed into the Cybertron Mini-Con Thunderblast.
  • Space Warriors Transformable Military Fighter Armada Bonecrusher (2007)
A Chinese made remake of Armada Bonecrusher by Agglo and sold in Big Lots stores in 2007, this toy is about double the size of the original toy.

Transformers: Universe (Deluxe, 2004)

Although released as Universe Ransack, the Hasbro web web site listed a redeco of Armada Hoist as being named Bonecrusher.[19]

Transformers: Universe (Micromaster)

Transformers character
Universe Bonecrusher on card
Name Bonecrusher
Japanese name Crush-Bull
Series Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes Bulldozer
Sub-group Micromaster

Bonecrusher is a Decepticon Micromaster. He is a redeco of Micromaster Crush-Bull.[20]

Crush-Bull is leader of the build team. A designer, crush-bull prefers it when things proceed systematically. Deeply sympathetic and sentimental, he has a weakness for being easily tricked. Glide says of him, "he's one calculating city-'bot."


  • Generation 1 Crush-Bull (1992)
Packaged together with the other Sixbuilder members.[21]
  • Generation 1 Crush-Bull redeco (Autobot) (2003)
A redeco of the original mold.[22]
  • Generation 1 Crush-Bull redeco (Decepticon) (2003)
A redeco of Crush-Bull in green as a Decepticon.[23]
  • Universe Micromaster Bonecrusher (2004)
Bonecrusher is a Kaybee toy store exclusive. He is a redeco of Generation 1 Crush-Bull, a Japanese exclusive. He came with the upper legs of Universe Micromaster Devastator.

Transformers: Energon (2005)

Transformers character
Energon Bonecrusher on card
Name Bonecrusher
Series Transformers: Energon
Alternate modes Front end Loader
Partner Duststorm, Sledge, Steamhammer, and Wideload
Sub-group Basic Vehicle

Bonecrusher was a member of the Constructicons who formed Construction Maximus.[24]

Animated series

Bonecrusher was seemingly depicted as a mindless drone who formed a limb of Constructicon Maximus in the animated series.


  • Energon Bonecrusher (2005)
He shared a mold with Sledge and was later redecoed into Classics Decepticon Scrapper and Bonecrusher.

2007 Transformers

Transformers character
Transformers Bonecrusher
Name Bonecrusher
Series Transformers film series
Transformers: Robot Powered Machines
English voice actor Jimmie Wood (film)
Daniel Riordan (video game)
Alternate modes Buffalo armored vehicle
Partner Brawl, Barricade, Starscream
Rank 6
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles, Micro Vehicles, Combaticons

Bonecrusher's vehicle mode, as he appears in the 2007 live-action movie, is a Buffalo armored vehicle (MRAP), manufactured by Force Protection Inc. His feet are wheels, "skating" as opposed to running. His weapons are a claw-like scoop at the end of a large telescopic arm, and guns in his arms. This claw is used in ordnance disposal on Buffalo armored vehicles. He can also extend his arms to longer degree to grapple his enemies more easily.

Bonecrusher has been stated to hate everything, only following Megatron because he's scared of him. He despises all Autobots, and wants to kill them all.

Bonecrusher has reportedly attained somewhat of a cult status with some U.S. Army Engineer Route Clearance units in Iraq, due to his vehicle mode being a Buffalo armored vehicle (MRAP) of the type used by engineer units.[25]


Bonecrusher appeared in the prequel novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday, where he was described as being the most aggressive of the Decepticons. He accompanied Blackout, Scorponok and Frenzy on an attack on the Autobots, but was beaten back by Optimus Prime. Later, he battled Jazz. Despite the Autobot's speed, Bonecrusher badly wounded him. Later, he and Starscream double-teamed Prime, but were forced to retreat when Starscream was badly wounded by the human vessel Ghost-1. Despite being mostly concerned with fighting, Bonecrusher is one of those who begin to doubt Starscream toward the end of the battle.

The book Transformers - Meet The Decepticons by Jennifer Frantz had a slightly different ending than the movie. This book had all the Decepticons leaving Earth together after being defeated by the Autobots, instead of having most of their numbers die. This alteration may have been so due to the book being mainly aimed towards young children.

IDW Publishing

Bonecrusher appeared among the Decepticons under the command of Starscream in the second Transformers movie prequel comic, printed by Target stores. After Megatron left in pursuit of the All Spark Starscream, Bonecrusher, Brawl, Devastator, Blackout, Barricade, Frenzy, Scorponok and Wreckage followed, eventually arriving on Earth. Landing in Afghanistan the Decepticons were able to overcome the Sector 7 forces and take on their Earth vehicle forms. Blackout and Scorponok then went to find information on Megatron from the SOCCENT base in Qatar.

Titan Magazines

Events in italics occure in an alternate storyline where the Decepticons win the battle of Mission City.

In the Transformers magazine issue #6, he is seen in a flashback, damaging Jazz and brutally killing an Autobot named Clocker.

In "Twilight's Last Greaming" part 3 Ironhide and Ratchet sneak into the Decepticon Allspark Power Distribution Hub in Savannah, Georgia disguised as Payload style drones. Although they believe the stolen code they used got them inside safely, once there they are ambushed by Bonecrusher, who says that the code didn't work and he let them in so he could fight them. In part 4 Ratchet and Ironhide continued fighting Bonecrusher in Savannah, but didn't stand much of a chance until they were joined by Arcee, Armoride and Longarm, arriving from the moon.

Movie plot

In the 2007 Transformers movie, Bonecrusher is first seen in his Buffalo-vehicle mode, rallying with the other Decepticons to Starscream's call. He is later seen during the highway chase scene with Barricade and Brawl, tossing cars out of his path with his scoop. His clash with the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime ultimately results in his death when he is decapitated by Optimus Prime.

In Revenge of the Fallen, Bonecrusher's model was reused, appearing briefly in the background scenes during the final battle in Egypt.

Video games

Bonecrusher appears in the Transformers video game. He only appears three times, the first in a mission where the player, as Starscream, has to escort Bonecrusher out of the human military base. The second is in a cutscene. His third appearance is in a mission nearly identical to the first, however, the player (again as Starscream) also has to escort Brawl, although he and Brawl make a playable appearance for the PSP version of the game in multiplayer mode.

In the PSP version, he is the first boss of the game in the first mission. He fights Optimus Prime, but is easily defeated.


All toys of this character are officially licensed from Force Protection Inc.

  • Transformers Legends Bonecrusher (2007)
A 3-inch transformable mini figure bundled in a 2-pack with Legends Jazz.[26]
  • Transformers Deluxe Bonecrusher (2007)
A new mold that transforms into a Buffalo MPV.[27] With a real Buffalo vehicle measuring 820 centimeters, the toy is about 1/57 scale. He would stand about 26 feet tall in robot mode.
Also bundled in a special 3-pack at Sam's Club with Deluxe Brawl and Jazz.
  • Transformers Screen Battles: Freeway Brawl (2007)
Deluxe Bonecrusher was later repackaged in 2008 in a Target exclusive gift set with a redeco of Voyager Optimus Prime.[28]
  • Transformers Deluxe Jungle Bonecrusher (2008)
A jungle camouflage redeco of the original Deluxe class toy and part of the "Allspark Power" series. According to his bio, he manages to survive his battle with Optimus Prime and goes into hiding in the jungles of South America.[29]
  • Transformers The Fury of Bonecrusher Deluxe Bonecrusher (2010)
A movie-accurate redeco of the Deluxe figure with battle damage effects, representing his appearance during his battle with Optimus Prime in the first film. Bundled in a Walmart exclusive gift set with a "Most Wanted" trading card and a blue redeco of Voyager Recon Ironhide.[30]

Revenge of The Fallen

  • Transformers EZ Collection Devastator - G1 Colors Version (Legends, 2010)

Bonecrusher is a Generation 1 Constructicon-themed redeco of Revenge of the Fallen Legends Class Rampage, transforming into a bulldozer and the left leg of Devastator. He was only available in a Japanese-exclusive giftset with the other green Constructicons.

Non-transforming merchandise

  • Transformers Robot Heroes Bonecrusher (2007)
This toy is a non-transformable, non-movie accurate, more humanoid version of the robot mode, with very limited poseability, and made of soft, rubbery plastic. Available in a 2-pack with Robot Heroes Ironhide.[31]
  • Robot Powered Machines Bonecrusher (2009)
This toy is a non-transformable and is based on Boncrusher's vehicle mode from the 2007 movie. It is packaged with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Michael Bay has expressed Bonecrusher being his personal favorite Transformer, and he named one of his mastiff dogs after him.[32] This dog is seen in the 2007 Transformers film as Miles' pet dog, and in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as Mikaela's dog, going by the name Bonecrusher, or "Bones" for short.

2011 Shattered Glass

Transformers character
Name Bonecrusher
Gender Male

Bonucrusher is a heroic Decepticon medic in the Shattered Glass series.


Fun Publications

Bonecrusher was mentioned in the 2011 story Transhuman by Fun Publications.

IDW Publishing

Bonecrusher appeared in the 2021 IDW Publishing Shattered Glass comic series.


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