Black Lio Convoy

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Black Lio Convoy is a black and gray recolor of Lio Convoy, similar in nature to Nemesis Prime.


Animated series

Black Lio Convoy appeared in Beast Wars Second where he was created by an ancient device the Transformers found on Gaia. After battling his noble counterpart, he fled with the device that created him and was found by the Decepticons, who attempted to convince him to join their ranks. Upon being found by the Maximals again, he used the device to create clones of most of them, and a battle of originals and clones soon erupted. Diver arrived and disrupted the conflict, allowing Lio Convoy to acquire the device and destroy it; the duplicates, Black Lio included, subsequently disappeared.


  • Black Lio Convoy
A black and gray recolor of the Lio Convoy figure from the toy line. At least two Lucky Draw recolors were released, some with blue claws and some with gold [1]; another Lucky Draw figure with black elements was also featured but had other, more vibrant colors incorporated into it's scheme.