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The Berserker are an Decepticon from the Transformers: The Last Knight franchise.

Transformers Cinematic Universe

Transformers character
Name Berserker
Series Transformers Cinematic Universe
English voice actor Steven Barr
Alternate modes Chevrolet Suburban
Function Maniac, Sociopath, Warrior
Motto "I'll suck your veins."
Partner Megatron

Berserker is a seething ball of destructive energy, his lust for violence constant and irrepressible. Anyone and anything that gets in his way is torn to shreds, leading his allies and enemies alike to give him as wide a berth as possible.

Movie plot

Berserker was among the Decepticons in T.R.F.'s custody. When T.R.F. was negotiating with Megatron, Megatron requested Berserker be one of the Decepticons released from custody to be part of his "crew". Berserker showed his violent temper when his mouth guard was released and he loudly threatened to drink the blood of his human captors. T.R.F. declined the request, claiming Berserker was far too dangerous to be released and that Megatron knew full well that his request was unreasonable. Megatron seemed to care little about the denial and merely settled on Onslaught instead.


  • The Last Knight Tiny Turbo Changer Decepticon Berserker (2017)
  • The Last Knight 1-Step Turbo Changer Decepticon Berserker (2017)
  • The Last Knight Deluxe Decepticon Berserker (2017)