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The Beast Wars are a conflict from the Transformers franchise that originated in the animated series and toy line of the same name and its spinoffs. They are usually a successor conflict to or continuation of the Great War, but typically take place between the factions of Maximals and Predacons as opposed to their predecessors, the Autobots and Decepticons.


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The story Transformers: Fire in the Dark features the history of a Transformers: Armada based version of the Beast Wars. "Ask Vector Prime" later expanded on this reality, revealing that Mini-Cons took part in the conflict and that the Transmetals and Fuzors created therein were created by a Super Energon explosion, as the Vok took no interest in this reality's prehistoric Earth.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" revealed that a variant universe of the Transformers: Cybertron reality featured Beast Wars that took place in the region of space created by Alpha Q. Several portions existed, each being fought on a different planet between differently themed Maximal and Predacon factions:

  • The War of the Waves took place on Ocean Planet and involved crustacean Maximals against jellyfish-themed Predacons
  • The War of the Mines on Iron Planet featured fungi Predacons battling burrowing creature Maximals
  • The Ice Age War of Blizzard Planet saw both sides base their alternate forms on Megafauna
  • The Data War was fought on Circuit Planet and involved Mechamorph combatants
  • The Rock Planet was the site of the Colossus War, and the combatants emulated the appearances of the Rock Lords
  • The Elemental War took place on Jungle Planet between Maximals and Predacons in the form of Battle Beasts
  • The Dust War took place on Plains Planet between elemental Maximals and demon-based Predacons