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Lost Protectors character
Bearald toy
Created by

Species Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt bear
Occupation Heraldic Mascot/Valet


Augmentoids, Lost Protectors
Alternate mode

Robotic bear/a jaws of life which serves as his seat of intelligence, two assault rifles, two missile launchers, a war hammer, a combat claw, and a scanner device

"I'll watch the battle from, grrrrowwwrr-rlll, back here then, sir?"

Ray Mant the Manta-Ger

Bearald is a fictional character and robot toy made by BMOG Toys in 2015. He is a heroic robotic bear who turns into an arsenal of weapons.

Lost Protectors

Bearald is a character from the BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts) toy line. He is not an homage to any existing character, but meant to be used as either a stand-alone figure, or as accessories to any toy capable of using 5mm port accessories, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Zoids Blox, and many others.


Troop said he designed the BMOG Toys bear and manta mold in Studio 3D. The hexagons in its design are inspired by honeycombs.

Fundraising for the BMOG Toys bear and manta mold was done through Kickstarter. The goal of raising $19,000 was surpassed by the end of the fundraising period on December 13th, 2013.

Bearald and Ray Mant the Manta-Ger were rewards for the unsuccessful Lost Protectors Kickstarter campaign.[1]

In October 2015 the cobalt blue bear and manta BMOG set was released under the names Cobiak and Deep Blue.


Fictional biography

The heroic Bearald was brought to life when weapons made by a group of evil interdimensional arms dealers were exposed to the power of the last world seed. He is a member of the Augmentoids. He breaks down into two assault rifles, two missile launchers, a war hammer, a combat claw, and a scanner device.

Well-meaning, clumsy and combat-averse, this prim-and-proper Ursenoid-type BMOG latched onto Astroblast early in the young Protector's career. Declaring himself the Lost Protectors' valet and butler, he keeps the various Tech Drones in line, managing them as though they were household staff. When split into his weapon components, Bearald channels and amplifies the unique powers of his wielder. Boneyard in particular is very fond of Bearald, as his family crest includes imagery of fighting bears.

According to Trent Troop:

Bearald can either fire his own ordnance from his weapons or serve as a focus for someone else's powers. So the rifles can fire either their own ammunition, or, if the wielder has say, lightning powers, fire electric bursts that are stronger than what the wielder could normally manage. This focusing also changes the delivery system of said power to match the weapon, so the claw would be an electric claw in such a person's hands, while the missiles would explode into EMP bursts.


  • BMOG Toys Heroic Blue Bear and Manta Ray (2015)
A recolor of the Military Black Bear and Manta Ray by BMOG Toys. Contains two rifles, two rocket launchers, a hammer, a tuning fork, a scanner, clamp, duel barreled laser pistol and battle axe.
Comes with a sticker sheet and instructions.
Pieces of this set are used in the design of ApeL.A.W., Bearald, Cobiak, Deep Blue, Doomchicken, The Kuma, Ray Mant the Manta-Ger, Obliteration Cannon, Quadrotitan, Scuttleclaw and UltraMog WarMech.



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