Battle of the Bootlegs

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Battle of the Bootlegs  
Battle of the Bootlegs reading
Author(s) Meesum Abidi
Country Canada
Language English
Series TransformersCon
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher TransformersCon
Publication date July 25th, 2006
Pages 12

Battle of the Bootlegs is a work of Transformers fan fiction featured as a voice actor play at TransformersCon 2006. It featured fan voice actors playing the rolls.[1]


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Narrator: Creeping through the shadows, he snuck up on them. The group he neared could have been comrades or enemies; regardless, his mission remained the same. As he edged closer, he proudly thought to himself...

Jaguar: (confident) Hmh—hmh—hmh! They'll never spot me in these shadows. As a cassette or in my feline mode, I am virtually invisible; virtually unstoppable; virtually invincible! They'll never spot me, heh—heh!

Shackwave: (lazily) Oh hi, Jaguar.

Jaguar: (outraged) What?! How in Gobotron did you see me?

Shackwave: Although my visage has only one optic unit, it is quite logical I should see someone so obviously unconcealed.

Jaguar: (insulted) Why, you faceless mis—colored volt! I am an expert in shadow patrol!

Shackwave: Silence, Jaguar! You aren’t an expert in anything! And you certainly are not Ravage!

Narrator: Jaguar was furious, but discouraged all the same. The truth hurt, and truth was Jaguar was not Ravage. He was. in fact, just a bootleg transformer...

TransformersCon presents:

Battle of the Bootlegs by JLvatron

ShrapNot: (mocking) Jaguar thinks he's shadow, Shadow, Shadow!

Narrator: The squeal came from one of the rainbow colored Insecticons, who beared a striking resemblance to Shrapnel. The pastel—colored insect transformed to a robot with large antennae.

Jaguar: I wouldn't laugh, ShrapNot. I’ve never seen a Transformer with so many colors. You practically qualify as your own re—release in the Universe toy line!

ShrapNot: Back off Jaguar, if you wish to stay in one piece, Piece, Piece.

Jaguar: Funny, Shrapnel only repeats the last word once.

ShrapNot: (mad) Buzz off, Off, Off! We bootleg transformers aren't as high quality, Quality, Quality


Bootlegs Maximals Others
Jaguar Dinobot Tranzor-Z
Shackwave Airazor


  • Jaguar is clearly based on Ravage, Shackwave on Shockwave. Sharpnot on Shrapnel, Storescream on Starscream and Bootzwing on Blitzwing.


Battle of the Bootlegs script page 4


  1. Meesum Abidi (w)Battle of the Bootlegs (July 25th, 2006), Toronto, Canada: TransformersCon

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