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"Bahr Power Bahrain" is an innovative concept of electricity generation using a renewable energy resource of sea waves. It involves a mechanical system of gears and over-running clutches installed on-board a floating platform e.g. Ship, Boat, Barge or catamaran. Power of sea waves is utilized by use of series of floating buoys, that heave upon the motion of waves and this heaving motion is converted to uni-directional rotation through the mechanical system and this uni-directional motion acts as a prime-mover for the electrical generator. To maintain a high efficiency, the heaving motion is entirely converted to a single direction without discarding any of the precious motions i.e. heave consists of the upward and downward motion, so the upward motion is utilized & converted to clockwise rotation at the output shaft as well as the downward motion also is converted to the same clockwise direction[1].


From design phase to the fabrication of the prototype, this project has been solely developed by 5 students of University of Bahrain as part of their final year project. Danish Ahmad being the leader of the project with his team made sure the prototype functions well according to the Sea conditions of Bahrain and later it can be modified to any other sea conditions as well.

Despite short of budget, the prototype produced 4 KW[2] of electric power at a wave height of just 0.3 m.

Success Story

File:Bahr Power Bahrain Team.jpg
Project Supervisor Dr. Mustafa Habib with Project leader Danish Ahmad and team
The project went highly successful and was appreciated by concerned authorities in Bahrain. Its success story was publised in Gulf Daily News in its June 24, 2017 newspaper[3] . The project is now being financed through investors for further development.
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