Autobot Hostage

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Autobot Hostage  
Cover of Autobot Hostage
Author(s) John Grant
Illustrator Glenn Stewart
Language English
Series Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Ladybird Books
Publication date 1988
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 48
ISBN 0721411185
Preceded by Decepticons Underground

Autobot Hostage is a children's book with optional companion audio cassette. It was written by John Grant and illustrated by Glenn Steward. It was published in 1988.[1]


While on solo patrol, Highbrow is captured by the Decepticon Tentakil. Scorponok sends a message to the Autobots promising to release him if Optimus Prime gives himself up. Optimus Prime surrenders but also smuggles Hosehead and Fizzle into the Decepticon base. As expected, Scorponok fails to keep his side of the bargain but the two Autobots manage to free both Optimus Prime and Highbrow and after a brief battle they make their escape.


  • This story was released as an audiobook.
  • The Decepticons are now shown to be led by Scorponok, who is portrayed closer to his cartoon and comic counterparts.
  • Other Transformers featured in the story include Kup, Spinister and Cindersaur. The only Nebulan referred to by name is Cambo, who is Hosehead's partner.
  • Although called Fizzle in the text, and having the character of Sparkabot Fizzle, all the illustrations of Fizzle are mistakenly drawn as another Sparkabot, Sizzle.
  • Although unnamed in the text, the two Decepticons who capture Optimus Prime are depicted in the illustrations as Dreadwind and Darkwing. Other illustrations feature the Autobots Scoop and Quickswitch.


  1. Grant, John (1988). Autobot Hostage. Ladybird Books. ISBN 0721411185. 

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