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Astrobeam model sheet from "Battle for GoBotron"

The astrobeam is a fictional device from the GoBots series.


The astrobeam had the capacity of transferring people or materials from two locations such as GoBotron to Earth.

Animated series

Cy-Kill with Crasher and Cop-Tur struck at the Guardian facility holding the astrobeam and took the device with them. It was stored on board a Thruster that Cy-Kill used to escape GoBotron and made their way to Earth.

After Cy-Kill's capture, he was taken to the Prison Moon of GoBotron where he managed to escape and free Fitor. Following their escape to the surface, Cy-Kill signaled Dr. Go on the Renegade's secret base Roguestar to transport a stealth device to them. This resulted in Herr Fiend making use of the astrobeam to transport a stealth device to Cy-Kill to be equipped on his hidden escape shuttle though the transportation had damaged the cloaking equipment forcing Fitor to repair it as they escaped to Roguestar.

When the insectoids arrived on Earth, Leader-1 used the astrobeam to summon Blaster from GoBotron to aid in defeating the extradimensional aliens.

In an effort to combat the astrobeam's use, UNECOM with Guardian assistance created the Disruptor for use in jamming he teleportation effects of the device. However, the Renegades had been observing its development and launched an attack to capture it. Once within their hands, they took it to the secret volcanic island headquarters of a human criminal cyborg named Trident who was on the design team that built the Disruptor. Trident had allied himself with Cy-Kill and promised to be the Renegade governor of Earth once it was conquered. He had used the Disruptor to achieve the opposite effect that instead of jamming the astrobeam it actually boosted its power and made the teleportation permanent. With it, the Renegades began abducting Earth's leaders to be held as hostages when the Guardians attacked. Scooter managed to use this assault to sneak into Trident's base to free the Guardian's human allies that had been abducted earlier. Together, they were able to defeat Trident whereupon Scooter used the amplified astrobeam to send the Renegades to the Crescent Nebula.


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