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Transformers character
Arcana toy
Name Arcana
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Alternate modes Head
Gender Male
Partner Brainstorm
Sub-group Headmasters

Arcana is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He appeared as a major characters in the fourth season of the animated Transformers series introduced in 1987. A variation of the character released in Titans Return was renamed Teslor, presumably for copyright reasons.

Transformers: Generation 1

Brainstorm's Headmaster partner is Arcana, a humanoid medical doctor from the planet Nebulos. Both Brainstorm and his partner Arcana were responsible for the adaption of the Headmaster process in most continuities.[1] Arcana is almost as much a genius as Brainstorm.[2]

Biography: Arcana's genius is a bit more mysterious. Trained as a medical doctor, the Nebulan quickly rose to the top of his field, but he found his job unchallenging, so he turned his attentions to studying the ancient lore of Nebulos. He became learned in many sciences that had long been repudiated, which earned him the disfavor of many of his medical colleagues. Arcana combined some of that ancient knowledge with his modern medical skills to bio-engineer Nebulans, including himself, so they could transform and become the heads of the Autobot Headmasters. Working with Brainstorm, Arcana made Fortress Maximus's vision of the Headmasters a reality. He is the oldest Nebulan among the Autobot Headmasters, and the wisest. He is also the most remote - no one truly can fathom the workings of Arcana's mind, not even Brainstorm, who shares it.

In the Marvel Comics Transformers stories Nebulans are depicted as human-looking aliens, while in the animated series they are green-skinned aliens. In the Ladybird Books stories the Nebulans are human-sized robots.

Animated series

Arcana first appeared in The Transformers episode "Rebirth Part 1". Decepticons successfully stole the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber and opened the ancient device, a group of Autobots and humans including Brainstorm were blasted across the galaxy by the energy release, crash-landing on the planet Nebulos. Quickly siding with a group of rebels engaged in a war against the planet's evil rulers, the Hive, they deduced a process by which they could combine the best of their minds and bodies together, becoming Headmasters.


Arcana is among the Nebulans who appeared in the 1988 audio book Decepticons at the Pole by John Grant.[3]


Dreamwave Productions

Although Arcana didn't appear in the Dreamwave Transformers comics before the company closed down, Brainstorm and Arcana did get a one page biography in their Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye series.

Marvel Comics

Disillusioned and frustrated with their war with Scorponok's Decepticons, Brainstorm eagerly joined Fortress Maximus's expedition in search of a peaceful world upon which to live. The Autobots travelled to the peaceful world of Nebulos, a pacifistic paradise where war and weapons were obsolete. However, they faced problems from the off, as the Nebulans distrusted and feared them, and Scorponok's Decepticons had followed them. To allay Nebulan fears, Brainstorm was among those who surrendered their heads in a goodwill gesture. When the Decepticons attacked, Arcana and Brainstorm underwent the Headmaster process to fight them off.

Brainstorm went on to fight in many more battles against the Decepticons, including being lured into a trap at Scorponok's fortress of despair, resulting in a battle with the Decepticon Targetmasters (Marvel UK Transformers #130-131). Realising the damage they were doing, Maximus' forces fled Nebulos for Earth, with Scorponok's troops in hot pursuit. Brainstorm joined up with Optimus Prime's forces on Earth, and was responsible largely for creating the Autobot Pretenders in issue #40.

Brainstorm continued to appear after this, but in a much reduced capacity, usually not having any major roles. Brainstorm was killed in issue #75 when he was impaled and devoured by Unicron.

Transformers: Mosaic

Arcana appeared in the Transformers: Mosaic story "The Sting of Scorponok" by Josh “Richter” van Reyk.[4]


  • Generation 1 Headmaster Brainstorm with Arcana (1987)
One of the first year Autobot Headmasters.[5]
  • Generation 1 Kabaya Gum Brainstorm with Arcana (1987)
Part of the original gum toy series by Kabaya. Each package comes with a stick of chewing gum and an easy-to-assemble kit. The completed robot looks and transforms almost the same as the larger, original Takara version, but is molded in blue instead of the original's green-blue.[6]
  • Titans Return Brainstorm with Teslor (2016)
A new figure with Arcana being renamed/replaced with Teslor; a green variant was released as a Walgreen's exclusive.


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