Anusha Chowdhury

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Anusha Chowdhury Ponishare-verified.png
Native name অনুশা চৌধুরী
Born Dhaka , Bangladesh
  • Entrepreneur,Author
Known for
  • Let’s talk mental Health, Canadian University of Bangladesh, Bazar Nao

Anusha Chowdhury is a founder, philanthropist, public icon, entrepreneur and a mental health advocate. Her expertise covers the grounds of everything, from startups to a Mental health care organization. She always has been fascinated by the business world that’s why she chose to study business and hence completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, earning a major in marketing from North South University, Dhaka. To boost her entrepreneurship skills she did a course Entrepreneurship Essentials from Harvard Business School online and achieved a certificate of Completion. Currently, this young entrepreneur is the Director :External Affairs of Canadian University of Bangladesh. Lets Talk Mental Health (LTMH) is also an organization that is spearheaded by Anusha. LTMH operates in an international capacity and its an NGO that focuses purely on the development of mental health illness. Anusha believes that mental health is the key to a person’s strength and she is dedicating her resources towards this cause. Anusha believes that her organization can work towards eradicating mental issues at a broad scale and ensure the happiness of the people who seek aid from the organization. To boost her philanthropic activities, Anusha Chowdhury has started the foundation known as “Fund A Nation” which focuses women empowerment, unemployment, poverty and eradication of illiteracy. Fund a Nation has a simple purpose; to create opportunities for underprivileged individuals within Bangladesh and provide them with a better life. It would focus its work on building careers for the underprivileged youth and diminish the hunger problems that exist in Bangladesh. She also has founded one of a kind e-grocery store in Bangladesh named “Bazar Nao”. This serves as a new startup by her, which is created to provide groceries to people on credit, where people can avail of the credit line of the e-commerce store for up to 20 days and can use the same for purchasing their groceries from a variety of commodities that Bazar Nao offers. Anusha Chowdhury has also created her mark in the manufacturing industry. She is the former CEO of Vision Induction Wads, which is one of the leading manufacturers of auto induction wads for glass bottles and jars, sealing of HDPE/ PET/ PP, Aluminium Blister Foil and Aluminium Lids Foil that are used for the packing of PS and PP Cups for Dahi, Lassi, and Yoghurt etc.

She is been awarded by Global Youth Parliament in Nepal as Next Generation International Leaders Award 2022.She was also honoured by a award for being incredible jury member for Women’s Inspirational Awards 2022 Bangladesh.Anusha Chowdhury is the first Bangladeshi to be featured in Harvard Business School Online to share her success stories with the world.