Antje Simdorn

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Antje Simdorn
Born June 18,1975
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Occupation Life and Mental Coach
Fetish Artist

Antje Simdorn (born 18 June 1975) is a German Life - and Mental Coach, Lawyer, Author, and Fetish Artist. She is a Certified Life Coach with Certifications in Mental Health, Motivational, and Resilience Coaching.[1]

Early Life

Antje Simdorn was born on June 18, 1975, and grew up in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. In 1999, she completed her law studies in Bielefeld, Germany, and then worked in human resources management for various companies, where her interest in psychology was also first awakened. Later, she decided to make a radical change in her life path, went back to university, and completed a Master's Degree in International Humanitarian Action at the University of Bochum and the University of Bilbao. Since then she has worked in various humanitarian projects, especially in African countries.



Following her desire to deal with the psychology of people, she did further training as both a life coach and as a mental coach. Since then, she has successfully conducted coaching programs for women. She helps women in life transitions who feel disconnected, purposeless, stagnant, and unfulfilled to reconnect with their souls. Free themselves from their old beliefs and patterns, find themselves, and live the life they want to live. She shows the woman how to become themselves, do the things they are passionate about, and live more abundant lives.


Antje Simdorn is the author of the book “G-Punkt Oslo” and has also published the self-coaching book “Shine Bright auf dem Weg zu Dir – 365 days in Dankbarkeit und Selbstfürsorge”.[2]

Fetish Model

She has also been internationally active as a fetish artist and aerialist for many years. She performs at large fetish events with various aerial acrobatic acts in which she combines the fields of fetish and aerial arts. In 2018, she was the first artist to ever use a man in suspension bondage as a living aerial acrobatic equipment in a show. She is also active as a fetish-alternative and underwater model. In 2020 she was the deepest female body painting model in the world as part of an underwater body painting project in Cyprus. Antje Simdorn is represented by the Berlin-based Artist Agency "Heroine Artists." In 2009 she was featured as a reporter in two episodes of the series "Vox Reisereporter- South Africa." In 2021 she released an Audio Motivational Speech in both German and English versions, "I Am - Antje Simdorn" and "Ich bin - Antje Simdorn" that has been streamed over 200k times on internet streaming platforms.

One-World Catching Fire

Antje Simdorn loves individuality and the difference between people. Different Goals, Dreams, Looks, Cultures Religions, Philosophies, and the list goes on. She volunteers in various charity projects for people and animals. In 2020 Antje Simdorn was recruited by the Exponential Spiritual Coach And Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer Geo Slam, to join his Global Charity Movement One World as an Ambassador with the cause to spread awareness of the importance of “Unity” Worldwide, which she accepted gladly

Personal Life

Antje Simdorn lives in Essen, is married. She works part-time in a law firm in Düsseldorf, In her free time, she enjoys free diving and skydiving.

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