Anne Matthew

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Anne Matthew
Other names Anne Austen
Known for a sister-in-law of Jane Austen
Sex Female
Spouse James Austen

Anne Matthew was a sister-in-law of Jane Austen, becoming the first wife of her eldest brother James Austen, in 1792. [1][2] She bore one child, prior to her death, in 1795, Jane Anna Elizabeth Austen, known as Anna.

Her grandfather was the 2nd Duke of Ancaster.[3] Her mother, Lady Jane Bertie, married Edward Mathew, an Army officer, who rose to the rank of General, and who finished his career as Commander in Chief of the Windward and Leeward Islands, and Goveror General of Grenada.

Some scholars assert her father, General Mathew, inspired her sister-in-law Jane's character of the avaricious and unpleasant General Tilney in her novel Northanger Abbey.[4]


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