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[1]Andy F (born April 27, 1954) is a British author of the 2021 book The Twelve Steps For Agnostics: How To Get Happily Sober Without A Belief In God.[2]
The Twelve Steps For Agnostics: How To Get Happily Sober Without A Belief In God. - Book Cover Page

Background and education

Andy F was born to Ewa Jedfield. He is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober in AA for 24 years. Andy F went to his first AA meeting 37 years ago and relapsed regularly during his first 13 years.[2]

Following high school, he obtained certificates in counseling from the Central School of Counselling and Therapy (CSCT) in London.


Andy F had an extensive career as a community outreach worker in London. His role was to support a vulnerable client group with complex issues such as mental illness, substance abuse, and learning difficulties. Without a community outreach service, these clients would have to live in residential care homes. Andy F helped such people to live independently in the community.

He attended his first AA meeting 37 years ago. He relapsed regularly for over a decade due to his inability to work around the 12 steps, as six out of 12 steps contained continuous mentions of god and higher power. This was an obstacle that Andy F had to face in the initial phases. However, it inspired him to write The Twelve Steps for Agnostics. The book offers a practical and effective agnostic interpretation of the twelve steps.

Andy F is an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sponsor and takes alcoholics through the twelve steps that struggle with God's word. He wrote the book, The Twelve Steps For Agnostics, which demonstrates pursuing a non-God-centered spirituality ensures a happy recovery.[2] Andy F intends to write his second book on Non-God-centered spirituality for people in 12-step recovery.

Andy F is a blogger on AA Agnostica[3] and appeared on the Beyond Belief Sobriety podcast.

His blog, Getting to grips with a Higher Power, offers an interpretation of a Higher Power that does not require a belief in an invisible divine notion of a Higher Power. It is an interpretation of a higher power offered by a Polish psychiatrist specializing in treating alcoholism in Poland. It has helped many atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers in AA.[4]

Since his retirement in 2016, Andy F has spent time sponsoring alcoholics and addicts through the twelve steps. As an agnostic in AA, he feels best suited to supporting members who identify as atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers.

Andy F was greatly inspired by James Burwell, AA's first atheist. Also known as Jimmy B, he was responsible for altering steps three and eleven. This made the AA program more accessible to alcoholics who didn't believe in God. Andy F frequently mentions Jimmy B in his book The Twelve Steps For Agnostics


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Personal life

Andy F is a divorcee. He is currently retired and living in Thailand with his partner Sunisa.


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