Andrejus Petruša

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Andrejus Petruša
Born Lithuania
Nationality Lithuanian
Occupation Entrepreneur

Andrejus Petruša is an entrepreneur and innovator from Lithuania, who has sought the recipes of good health, “eternal” beauty, and longevity and has achieved it.[1] He devoted all his energy to the creation of innovative, complex, strong, and most importantly - natural products for health and general well-being.[2]

Early Life

The idea behind his project was born many years ago, but it manifested fully when Andrejus was in Spain, where he spent one year. He stayed on the island of Ibiza walking a conscious path of life.[1] His journey started, when he decided to try to disconnect from “standard lifestyle” at the age of 24 and had tried a lot of spiritual practices since then. He didn’t want to be a “lifestyle coach” who gets paid for advice or nutrition programs because he found it to be silly, rather he devoted all his energy to the creation of innovative, complex, and strong food supplements for health, which deliver results. He wanted to be rewarded for his actual products, not for chatter. [3] For eight years he did not consume alcohol and was interested in meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, healthy eating - he tried veganism, vegetarianism, and raw food, and later - keto, paleo diets too. He wanted to try everything himself to know and feel how it works on his body, what happens when one does certain practices. He loved trying out new things, exploring himself, his consciousness, mind, and body. Over the course of 12 years, he has accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge.


Andrejus studied a variety of subjects, from business & Information Systems Engineering, marketing, business, economics to natural medicine, manufacturing, nutrition, etc. His studies are currently ongoing. He has been studying food supplements full-time for four years now, He said jokingly: “I already have a 'bachelor's degree in food supplements' and my newest BIYOMA products will be my master's degree in food supplements.”


Andrejus is the youngest Lithuanian who has ever received two official licenses in the country. One of them is for the production of food supplements, the other for the production of cosmetics. He has successfully managed to create and register two trademarks in Lithuania. Currently, it is one of the “hottest” in Lithuania and expanding into Belgium, United Kingdom, Latvia, and Estonia. BIYOMA is the name of his company and the name of his product line reflects the principle that everything must be focused on the person, on noble goals, on love for oneself, love for others, support, growth, and improvement. People are inspired by working together, living, and being next to each other. So the name "BIYOMA" turned out to be very appropriate. And the brand has gradually grown into a recognized brand in Lithuania and other countries in Europe. [1] All the BIYOMA products produced now have a deeper meaning, which translates to "whole" or synergy between all the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Or - the synergy between Earth and Heaven. Synergies between nature and all living things - including humans. The company currently has as many as 11 complex food supplements but aims to have at least 25. [1] Andrejus has formed close relationships with professionals in his field in the health and manufacturing sector in Europe and Lithuania, his company’s team consists of talented people from Europe. In order for these food supplements to see the light of day, new partnerships had to be formed with business investors, laboratories, scientists, and raw material suppliers in Europe. After all, in order for a product to be legal, it is necessary to know the production technology based on professional production standards - ISO2200, GMP, GHP, create product documentation - quality certificates, product technical descriptions, laboratory tests, notify products, communicate and cooperate with government agencies, correct “human” errors, which occur in the process too.[3] During the creation of his health “Empire”, there is constant communication with institutions in Lithuania and in countries where BIYOMA is entering the market. Andrejus has even become close friends with the Danish project SB Food Inno and Interreg South Baltic, a project designed to connect, integrate and help food innovators in Europe and the Baltic states. He got to know the whole team and they are very good friends and support each other very much. Currently, Andrejus moved to Belgium, where he is starting a local branch for the BIYOMA brand and will launch the products in local pharmacy chains. [1]