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Ancient Keris
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Indonesian Keris or Kris
Keris or Kris
Mystical & Spiritual Keris

Ancient Keris is an organization that provides all kerises with certificates of authenticity. These certificates are issued by a renowned antique museum in Indonesia.[1] The museum has no professional or personal relationship with Ancient Keris or ManiZone Ltd; they are an entirely independent organization, which they use to certify their items.


At Ancient Keris one can find a variety of Keris blades, or Kris as it’s sometimes known, to select from. They possess magical properties, as well as meditation and mystical powers.[1] Keris blades have existed for thousands of years, yet many are uninitiated in regard to the fascinating history of these highly collectable and sought after blades. Their magical, supernatural and spiritual properties are famous and one of the things that makes them so prized and extraordinary. The origin of the name indicates that the knife was used as a weapon, it has also been said that they were actually not made as a weapon, but as spiritual objects which protected their owners, warned them of impending danger and even allowed them to peek into the future. Other legends says that Keris’ were certainly made for combat and some were even made to kill a particular enemy and was “retired” after this act.


Ancient Keris provide all types of magickal keris, antique daggers, swords, and weapons with many types of Jinns/Genies/Khodams within. They hold a vast range of krisses and kerises, from the antique keris antique weapons, swords, and daggers ideal for the eager beginner to the ones designed specifically for advanced magicians and spiritual masters. [2] These krisses and kerises are obtained from the ancestral belongings, passed down from generation to generation for centuries, of ancient ancestors whose expertise in magickal keris antique swords, blades, and weapons creation still remains a secret today, their techniques closely guarded and passed down only within their bloodlines. [2] Ancient Keris antique weapons, swords, and daggers go back as far as the 8th century, when the most powerful magickal knives & swords were made. They tend to acquire krisses and kerises with religious Jinns, as they are safe and serve their Keeper well. All their keris antique swords, blades, and daggers come from Indonesia, where the Jinn tend to be Muslim or Hindu, and commonly take on one of the holy names of Allah or the name of the Hindu deity they work with. Their names will therefore reflect their particular powers. [2] They scan each and every one of the antique blades to ensure that the Spirit within possesses a positive nature and is naturally inclined to guide and protect people in positive and proactive manners. To ensure each of the keris antique blades, swords, and daggers’ authenticity, they are aided in the examination of them by the guidance and expertise of two individual Spiritual adepts. Before any krisses or kerises is put up for sale, a guarantee is first obtained to show that they are genuine and certified antiques. They also provide each buyer with key information on each specific keris antique sword, dagger, blade, or weapon and the Spirit dwelling within based on the carrying out of a full psychic reading. [2]

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