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Amir Ali Shaik in Goa on 2023
Born 26 July 2001 (2001-07-26) (age 22)
Bangalore, India
Residence Bangalore, India
Nationality Indian
Education Diploma in E-Business
Years active 2016 - present
Known for Actor, Influencer, Model & Entrepreneur.
Home town


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Amir Ali Shaik (born July 26, 2001) is an Indian actor and entrepreneur hailing from Bangalore, India. He has garnered recognition for his versatile talent and notable achievements in both the entertainment industry and the corporate sector.

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Amir completed his schooling at Lilly Rose English High School before pursuing further education at Angels Community Training College. In 2016, he pursued a diploma in Acting, marking the beginning of his journey in the film industry.

Amir's acting career took off with his role in the English short film "Broken Shard," directed by Mahafreen Tarapore. He then ventured into Kannada films and became a part of several blockbuster movies, showcasing his acting prowess.

Parallel to his acting endeavors, Amir has gained valuable experience in the corporate world. He has held positions such as Senior Operations Executive at Storese, Perpule, and Ninjacart, as well as Assistant Manager at Bigwayz. Currently, he serves as the Head of Operations at Flohaan, where he has been able to leverage his 6+ years of experience to develop skills in sales, teamwork, operations management, supply chain management, leadership, digital marketing, and SEO.

Amir's exceptional performance in sales and marketing has been acknowledged and awarded by Perpule, further highlighting his dedication and proficiency in the field.

Combining his passion for the arts with his entrepreneurial spirit, Amir Ali Shaik has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry and has made significant strides in the corporate world, showcasing his diverse talents and unwavering commitment to success.

Early life and education

Amir Ali Shaik, born on July 26, 2001, in Bangalore, India, is the eldest child of Asgar Ali Shaik and Noor Zama Begum. He also has a stepmother named Mariyum. Amir Ali Shaik has two brothers and one sister, and they all reside with their father and stepmother. He received his early education at Lilly Rose English High School and later pursued his college studies at Angels Community Training College.

Career as an Indian Actor

After completing his Diploma in Acting from the Mithrasangama Film Institute in 2016, Amir embarked on his journey in the Indian film industry. In his pursuit of a role in both film and television, he came across an opportunity in the short film "Broken Shard" that was being shot at Joseph College. Intrigued, he decided to audition for the role. Upon reaching the location, he was handed the script and given only 20 minutes to prepare for the audition. Undeterred by the limited time, Amir delivered his audition with dedication and skill.

Three days later, he received the news that he had been selected for the role, filling him with immense joy and a sense of accomplishment. This breakthrough in the form of "Broken Shard" marked the beginning of his career as an Indian actor. Building upon this initial success, Amir went on to secure prominent roles in movies such as "Baazaar," "Ranam," and "The Terrorist."

In 2017, Amir had a fortuitous encounter with Salman, who provided junior artists for film shoots in Bangalore. Recognizing Amir's passion and potential, Salman allowed him to accompany him to various film sets, where Amir earned a daily wage of 1000 rupees for his work. Through conversations with casting directors and his determination to learn and showcase his talent, Amir managed to secure a few dialogue scenes in films, further honing his skills.

Amir's career flourished as he gained recognition for his performances in notable films like The terrorist[1] directed by PC Shekhar, Ranam[2][3],Baazar[4] directed by Simple Suni, and "Sarkar" directed by A.R. Murugadoss. His talent and ability to connect with audiences also led him to explore the world of television, where he made appearances in popular TV serials such as "Yugala Geethe" and "Muddulakshmi." With his dedication and ability to captivate audiences, Amir has become a sought-after actor in the Indian film industry.

Career as Employee

In 2018, Amir Ali Shaik began his career journey facing challenges in securing employment. He initially worked on footpaths, where he engaged in the installation and maintenance of LED lights and commercial boards for a period of four months. Subsequently, he secured a position at Perpule as a sales executive, where he exhibited great determination and worked diligently, contributing significant value to the organization. His outstanding performance led to his promotion as a Senior Operating Executive in June 2019. In recognition of his exceptional sales and marketing achievements in 2018, Perpule awarded him for his extraordinary performance. Throughout this period, he acquired valuable skills in sales, marketing, and digital marketing.

In 2020, Amir Ali Shaik transitioned to Ninjacart, assuming the role of Senior Executive in FC Operations. Through his unwavering dedication and hard work, he swiftly ascended to the position of Senior Executive in Key Accounting Management in November 2020. During this tenure, he gained extensive knowledge in supply management, warehouse management, and negotiation skills.

Continuing his professional growth, Amir Ali Shaik moved to Bigwayz in 2021, assuming the role of Assistant Manager. Presently, he serves as the Head of Operations at Flohaan. Throughout this dynamic journey, he discovered his passion for digital marketing and further developed his skills through practical work experiences and various educational courses.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 9″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black


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