Amber Massey

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Amber Massey
Born Texas, United States
Nationality American
Occupation Blogger and social media influencer

Amber Massey is an American blogger and social media influencer based in Dallas, Texas.[1][2][3][4][5]

Life and career

Massey has been blogging for nearly 15 years and started her social media account on Instagram when she was pregnant with her first (and second!) twin babies. She has organically grown her platform over the last nine years into a community of women often sought out as a source of encouragement to find the fun in marriage and motherhood, all while offering up her recs for products and always have the best discount codes.[6]

Massey graduated with a degree in Nutrition Science and completed her dietetic residency to work in a variety of fields; clinical, sports medicine, private practice, and even went on to become a personal chef- writing thousands of healthy recipes over the years.[7]

About four years ago, Massey decided to stay home after having her fourth child and focus on her family. Massey lives in Dallas with her firefighter husband and five children.[8]


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