Alight Software Private Limited

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Alight Software Private Limited
Founder(s) Masoom Anwar
Area served Website Design

Alight Software Private Limited (founded September 11, 2017) is a leading software, online marketing, and web designing company. They provide strategic digital solutions to individuals, small, medium, and large business enterprises. They also develop websites for brands, develop mobile apps, enhance brands' media visibility and relevance with the use of social media and other web applications.[1]


Alight Software specializes in the creation of scalable, interactive, brand-oriented, custom web and mobile solutions for startup and existing business enterprises with which they gain a competitive advantage through the delivery of expert innovative, tailor-made software and web solutions. Their mission is to help organizations leverage tools, data, and other resources as well as platforms to increase their brand visibility, top-line, and bottom-line. Alight Software is Private incorporated and was founded on September 11, 2017, by Masoom Anwar.


Web Designing

The web designers at Alight Software, work on the appearance, layout, and, in some cases, even the content of the website. By appearance, of the website they relate to the colors, the font, and also the images used in the design of the website. A good web design is simple to use, aesthetically appealing and suits the user group and brand of the website. At Alight Software, they design web pages with a focus on simplicity and beauty. They do this so that there is no extra information and functionality that might distract or confuse the users. The keystone of the web designer’s output is a site that wins and fosters the trust of the target audience. They ensure to remove as many potential points of user frustration as possible as they design websites for clients.[2]

Website Development

The custom web development services at Alight Software include both front-end and back-end development using the latest technologies and libraries available. Putting first in mind their client’s and their customer’s needs as a priority. Whether it is enhancing an existing application or architecting an enterprise application, the expert teams of creative designers and developers are up for the challenge. They like to make work easy and ensure that the developed website maximally achieves its purpose.[3] In doing this, they follow straightforward, result-oriented methods to ensure that website achieves the following.

  • Fast loading pages
  • Modern design
  • Easy use
  • Prompt Delivery

Online marketing

Digital progress in our current era occupies a large part of our daily life and almost becomes a symbol of the civilization of advanced nations. Digital marketing has become a guide to the success of companies and institutions because successful digital marketing will raise the profits of the company or institution and develop it and increase sales, and managers in companies must deal with everything related These modern technologies ensure optimum success for their business.

App Development

Alight Software has skilled mobile app developers and designers that are well equipped on the use of modern technologies, devices, hardware, OS, platforms with which they build customized mobile apps which fulfill the ultimate clients and business owner’s needs. Seamless security mechanisms are ensured in the mobile Apps development, so as to keep access to business-critical information away from the wrong people. This access is only reserved to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.[4] Alight Software adapts to the best mobile app planning and development strategies while we keep in mind your overall goal.