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Ali Derakhshan (born March 9, 1983) is an Iranian pop singer and composer.[1][2][3][4]

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Background information
Birth name Ali Derakhshan
Born March 9, 1983 (1983-03-09) (age 41)
Origin Tehran
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer
Instruments Guitar


Ali Derakhshan born 9 March 1983 in Tehran, Iran.[5][6] His artistic activity officially started in 2018 and has continued until now, but he has been interested in music since the age of 17.[7][8] Ali Derakhshan's first music was the title track of melody Gap on Aparat.[9] He became interested in music as a child - even when he sang with his friends.[10][11] he later became a professional singer with a melodious tone that later became a professional singer, and He took music more seriously.[12]

In 2002, after spending four years learning music and playing the piano and guitar, he was able to learn these instruments and play them professionally.[13][14][15] Ali Derakhshan After learning the instruments, I started learning to compose music and in the shortest possible time he managed to learn this art. Then he went to learn composing and after spending 2 years he was able to do this.[16]


After gaining years of experience, Ali Derakhshan went to compose Iranian films and serials and was able to be successful there as well. He also arranged the music of several famous Iranian films and composed serials and films in the best possible way.[17][18]

Ali Derakhshan has also composed the soundtrack for the film Khatoon by Mohammad Reza Mirlouhi, and after that he has also composed the soundtrack for the film Pakbakhteh by Mohammad Reza Mirlouhi, and the music for the film Zarkhrid, which was also made by the famous Iranian director Reza Safaei.[19][20]

He composed several musical works since 2008 and 2 years later in 2010 he was employed by the Ministry of Culture and Arts. After a while, he took charge of the "New Orchestra" of the Ministry of Culture and Arts with the cooperation of artists such as: Mojtaba Mirzadeh, Hadi Azram, Homayoun Khajehnouri, Jahanbakhsh and Rezagholi Maleki. He also collaborated with radio and television and also taught music. Ali Derakhshan was appointed the conductor of the number one traditional orchestra of Roudaki Hall in 2008 and collaborated with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. He has also been active in children's music, composing more than 500 songs for children and teenagers, vocal music, epic songs, film and documentary music, and feature film music.[21][22]



  • Kheili Bacheyi
  • Eshgh Ba To
  • Divoonegi
  • Sokan Dar
  • Hasrat
  • Almase Nayab
  • Az Khodetam
  • Damesh Garm
  • Mard Nistam
  • Dore Hami
  • Az Hamoon Aval
  • Che Hamsafari
  • Badzat
  • Too dDeli
  • Ye Khiaboone Barooni
  • Hesse Khoob
  • Donyami Hossein
  • Sajade Hajat

Film music

  • Zar Karid
  • Khaton
  • Pakbakhte
  • Pirak
  • Silat


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