Ahemad Razvi

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Ahemad Razvi
Born Mohmadahmad Abdulkadar Rajvi
Residence India
Nationality indian
Education 12th Pass
Organization Prime Digital Arena
Known for Sufi Singer / Musician
Notable works Music & Singing

Mohmadahmad, also known as Ahemad Razvi is an Indian Sufi singer and Musician. Ahemad Razvi is a Vocalist, Sufi Singer, Music Composer and Producer, Video Producer, and owner of a record label. He is the owner of Prime Digital Arena. He is a known name in this firm and is continuously working towards music and especially Sufi Singing. At 23, he has done and recorded over 50 albums.

Early Life

Ahemad Razvi was born in Porbandar, Gujarat where his father worked as a imam & islamic lecture and his mother, a homemaker. He has 1 sisters. He started singing Sufi when he was 12-years-old. He started it with his father, and he also performed in various live concerts and family functions. His childhood is rooted in Sufi. He believe that his voice is God-gifted, for which he thank God every time. Singing has always brought him to peace.

He had nothing but his dedication with him. He started from square one on his own. His self-taught. He learnt how to Vocal mix-master-record and edit a song on his own without spending even a penny. Similarly, he took help from his friends and cybercafes. At that time, we didn’t have so many resources like we have today. With those available resources, he learnt VFX and, after that, started a YouTube channel


Ahemad Razvi Started Prime Digital Arena in 2011. When his peers were focusing on their studies, he established a company at His own. It was a journey full of ups and downs, but he was passionate about it, and it was his passion and dedication that kept him going. At times the thought of giving up also struck his mind, but he did not. 

When he started production house, he didn’t have the money that was required to start a production house back in 2011. He faced many challenges, foremost being criticism that lowered him self-esteem. No one had faith in him , or anyone trusted him. He remember people would remark, “You won’t be able to do this. Quit and come.” These words kept him going and made him work even more challenging.

Music Videos

Year Title Co-star Singer Label Notes
2021 AE WATAN Sayed Alammiya Qadri Ahemad razvi Prime Digital Arena Debut Music Video
2021 Kun Faya Kun - Lofi ———— Ahemad razvi Prime Digital Arena Debut Music Video
2022 Allah Hoo ———— Ahemad razvi Prime Digital Arena Debut Music Video