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Template:Infobox drink Lete (SGAM) S.p.A. is an Italian drinking water company founded in Pratella 2011 and based in Rome. The main commercialized product is the natural effervescent mineral water of the same name that flows in the Matese, a mountain range between Campania and Molise.[1] It also produces the natural mineral waters Prata and Sorgesana.


In 1893, SGAM began to bottle the Acqua Lete in glass and PET around 1980s.[2] The water has the E.ON 100% Renewable Energy certificate, making sure that only renewable energy is used.[3] The name Lete is derived from the river in the province of Caserta that originates on the Matese massif, precisely in the field of the secine at an altitude of 1028 m a.s.l. in the municipality of Letino, and 20 km long and a left tributary of the Volturno river. The water bottling plant is located in Pratella.[4]

Since the nineteenth century, its water, collected from the source in terracotta amphorae, was transported on wooden wagons across a vast territory. Between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, the Lete water obtained its first international recognition. Soon, from artisanal production, it passed to the first bottling plants.


Lete has been the main jersey sponsor of S.S.C. Napoli since 2005, hence the slogan "Bevi bene tifa meglio" (lit. "Drink water cheer better"). Since 2013–14 Serie A, it also has been one of the official partners of Inter Milan, present as posters in the stadium as well as bottles supplied to the players for training and matches.[5] Since 2015, Lete has been the official drinking brand partner of Italy national football team.[6]


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