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Abraxas DAO
Industry Technology, Web3, Blockchain
Founder(s) Cuyler Pagano (CEO)
Services Games, comics, NFTs
Website https://abraxasdao.com/
Abraxas DAO is an American Web3 based entertainment company that focuses on games, comics, and unique digital experiences. The company mainly provides NFTs minting and marketing services.[1]


The company was founded by famed YouTuber personality and comic creator Cuyler Pagano. Pagano is a cryptocurrency expert who is also the former Vice President of 1 Internet Marketing and former owner of ABQ Beer.

Pagano founded Abraxas DAO in 2021.[2] The company which is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico offers Blockchain based games, NFT minting and marketing services to digital artists and content creators.[3][4][5]

Punkin Patch

In August 2022, Abraxas DAO announced the upcoming release of a new comic series. The company announced that their new series Punkin Patch Issue 1: Rise of the Punkins is a limited edition comic book with only 666 copies being released. Every physical copy of the comic book will come with a corresponding NFT comic that can be claimed using an included QR code.[6]

Punkin Patch is a festive Halloween story that tells the fictional story of Punkins on All Hallow's Eve and how the holiday came to be.[7]

Abraxas also plans to launch the Punkin Patch game which is currently in development and slated for release in mid-September. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be granted early access to the game.[8]

Chill Cubes

A new comic series Chill Cubes was also released at the end of 2022.[9]

Comic Team

Pagano assembled a team of pros to make Punkin Patch Issue #1 a top notch product that will be loved by old and young alike.[10][11]

Creator & Letterer: Cuyler Pagano

Script Writer: Fred Ende

Inks & Colors: Cammry Lapka

Retail Cover Artist: Jason Flowers

Punkin Master Cover Artists: Andy Poon

Naughty & Nice Witch Cover Artist: Keith Garvey

PDF Cover Artist: Johnpaul Gutierrez

Succubus Cover Artist: Mangsiart

Swamp Beast Cover Artist: Dani Blass

NFT Artist: Robson Teixeira


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