Abdul Hakim Jan (Argandab warlord)

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Abdul Hakim Jan
Born 1957 (age 64–65)
Other names The Blue Commander
Known for alleged opium producer

Abdul Hakim Jan is a citizen of Afghanistan, who is reported to control much of the Opium trade in Kandahar Province.[1] He is based in the Argandab district.

The Pakistan Tribune reported, in September 2005, that 650 kilograms of opium was seized from a home belonging to Hakim Jan in neighboring Helmand Province.[2]

According to the Sydney Morning Herald he is in his fifties, and operates with the cooperation and protection of the local police.[1] They report that he is known as "the Blue Commander" because he always dresses extravagantly, in clothes that are blue, and that his homes are also painted blue.

They reported that he commands a private army of 1,000 men.[1] According to the Sydney Morning Herald he holds no official office.

On February 17, 2008, eleven months following the publication of the Sydney Morning Herald's profile, another individual named Abdul Hakim Jan, also from Argandah, was killed by a suicide bomber at a dog fight.[3][4][5][6][7][8] The other individual named Abdul Hakim Jan was described as an important tribal leader, a former police chief, and a current commander in the police auxiliary.


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