Abdalla Alshamsi

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Abdalla Alshamsi

Abdalla Alshamsi is Business Person. He is the Founder & CEO of Abgulf company
Born June 28, 1987 (1987-06-28) (age 36)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nationality UAE
Other names Abdalla Alshamsi
Citizenship UAE
Occupation Business Person CEO & Founder of Abgulf company
Years active 2022–present
Notable works Business Person ,
CEO & Founder of Abgulf company
Height 5' 8"

Abdalla Alshamsi

Abdalla Alshamsi[1]is a renowned Business Person. He is the Founder & CEO of Abgulf company .Abdalla Alshamsi was born In 1987 in Dubai. He is living in the capital of UAE i.e., Dubai for an exuberant lifestyle & finer business opportunities. Apart from his Father's legacy, since the very beginning, Abdalla Alshamsi on his own to has always been well off in terms of finance. He has been a strong, independent & recognized businessman [2] in several business fields with multiple ventures scattered in and outside the UAE


Abdalla[3][4][5][6]strongly believes in having a deluxe lifestyle, he loves traveling in private jets, using high-end gadgets, owning the most sumptuous cars, most expensive vehicular number plates, and using top-notch services targeted at the elite class. He has been an owner of unimaginable fortune with his investments & savings in the form of equities, bonds, shares, cryptocurrencies, and whatnot.

He has been the owner of several super expensive, timeless, limited edition watches and vintage articles which grow in their value with every passing day. Despite all his super busy schedule & extremely indulging business network, he managed to balance his work & private life by traveling. So far he has traveled to almost 85 countries around the globe.


Being the owner of several multinational companies, Mr Abdalla Alshamsi[7][3]

has been on the list of "top rising young entrepreneurs" in the UAE lately.

With his pure intellectual efforts, he has been able to extend his elite services in several industries including Real estate, Fashion, Food, Job hunt, Medicine, Tourism, Trading, Lifestyle, Online solutions, and many more industries.


o Abdalla Alshamsi hails from Sharjah, UAE.

o He is a well-known businessman from UAE.

Abdalla Alshamsi's Net Worth

Abdalla Alshamsi's net worth as of now, in 2022 is Not Known.


He has been endowed with several awards from the government of UAE as well as other private organizations for exemplary contribution to business & entrepreneurship.


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