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The Xylona's Flock one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


This assembly of fighters gain their powers from and help protect the elements of nature that give life to the people of Mythoss. The Flock opposes and counteracts the vampiric elements in Illythia's Court, which seek to drain the life out of the world around them. Their close ties to nature and the purity of the flock keeps them connected to the great beasts and beings of the old world, granting them a certain reverence and a measure of celebrity in the modern age.

The crown has often weighed heavily on the brow of Artemyss Silverchord, the leader of Xylona’s Flock. Orphaned at the hands of Vampire assassins when she was five years old, she was raised by her Uncle Aristaeus and her Minotaur protector Asterionn. This regal warrior has spent a lifetime training to protect her people and uphold her family’s legacy. Leading her faction and serving as queen have given Artemyss a wisdom that belies her young age... and although she is tough and battle hardened, her vibrant optimism and her vision of a world free of war and despair remain an inspiration to all.
The biography for Myria Goldenbranch mentions she has been sent with an army of Whisperling soldiers to aid Queen Artemyss with a mission to surprise the dark forces that threaten all of Elven-kind.
Sworn to protect Castle Silverhorn - a fortress hidden deep in the Greentop forest, Asterionn the mighty Minotaur is the first line of defense for Xylonia’s Flock. As captain of Xylona’s guard, he is the mastermind behind the impenetrable maze of trees, branches and thorns surrounding the castle. With strength and power matched only by his purity of mind and spirit, Asterionn serves as the heart of Castle Silverhorn.
The biography for Artemyss Silverchord calls Asterionn her protector.
  • Faunus (ML2, Male Forest Elemental)
As commander of the Silverhorn Sentries, Faunus is an integral component of the defense of Castle Silverhorn. A powerful elemental warrior able to harness primal forest magic, he has the ability to manipulate the tree-born structure of the castle exterior for added defense. Ancient and wise, Faunus serves not only as protector of Castle Silverhorn, but as one of Queen Artemyss' most trusted advisors.
The biography for the Silverhorn Sentry mentioned they are led by the forest elemental Faunus.
An Ancient Wood elf of the first age, Lord Aristaeus Aydon serves as the stern and wise advisor to Queen Artemyss Silverchord. When Artemyss was orphaned in her formative years, it was her uncle Aristaeus that stepped up to fulfill the role of surrogate parent. Although his disposition is icy and his teachings are strict, Lord Aydon’s love for Artemyss is revealed in the fiery manner in which he protects his queen and her beloved people.
The various types of Elves in Mythoss are as diverse as the many trees that provide them quiet sanctuary. The Elves of Whispervale, or “Whisperlings” are one of the most elusive of all of the Elven sub-races. In addition to their common Elvish abilities such as agelessness and heightened dexterity and speed, the Whisperlings are remarkably proficient in the use of an arcane magic that harnesses the power of the trees around them. In a rare departure from their mysterious isolated ways, Myria Goldenbranch has been sent with an army of Whisperling soldiers to aid Queen Artemyss with a mission to surprise the dark forces that threaten all of Elven-kind.
Hailing from the tiny Dwarven town of Emberdale, deep in the Greentop Forest, Prince Orn Steelhide stands tall even amongst this unusual tribe of Dwarves. Unlike other races of Dwarves, the Emberdellians are light-footed and often spend their time moving swiftly among the tree-tops. Joyful and light-hearted, Orn is equally as comfortable leading his comrades in a raucous Emberdellian folk song as he is leading them into battle.
As one of the only survivors of the Siege of Sjelgard, Thallyn Frostbow is on a mission to alert the world that the legendary vampire weapon known as the Soul Spiller has been retaken. This fabled bow caster is a Frost Elf, a culture so isolated and insular that many in the southern regions have never seen one and have only heard stories about her people. As she travels alongside Ragna Stormforger, Thallyn's mission takes her to parts of Mythoss that are so foreign and so beyond the realm of her limited experience, that she can barely contain her enthusiasm and wonder.
As one of the last of the elusive Woodland Goblins, the relic master Thistlethorn has dedicated himself to preserving the history of Mythoss. Fascinated with ancient weapons and artifacts from an early age, he has always had a predilection for spotting and acquiring the most precious of objects. Now serving Queen Artemyss Silverchord, Thistlethorn is the guardian of Castle Silverhorn’s greatest treasures including The Silverchord, a sacred weapon inherited by Artemyss to aid in her fight against the emerging evils seeking to corrupt all of Mythoss.
One of the Four Legendary Beasts that destroyed and decimated the unholy evils that once plagued ancient Mythoss. Xylona now serves as a symbol of hope to her flock. Wielding the Silverchord, a staghorn longbow able to fire magically-charged elemental arrows. Xylona's elegant use of deadly force was much feared in battle. Once order was restored her namesake army, Xylona's Flock pledged to carry her legacy forward in the wake of her disappearance.
The biography for Eathyron mentions four brave warriors arose to combat the evils that were overrunning the land: the mighty Leodysseus, Bassylia, Xylona, and the crowned eagle Eathyron were righteous and unyielding forces of nature.
  • Bronze Dwarf Legion Builder (ML1, Male Dwarf)
  • Elf Legion Builder (ML2, Male Elf)
  • Elf Ranger (ML2, Male Elf)
  • Silver Dwarf Legion Builder (ML1, Male Dwarf)
  • Silverhorn Sentry (Male)
The guard of Castle Silverhorn is divided into three units: the Beast Guard of the outer perimeter, the Sentries of the outer wall, and the Royal Guards who protect the castles' interior. Although Asterionn is captain of the entire Silverhorn Guard, the Silverhorn Sentry are led by the forest elemental Faunus. Equipped with an intimate knowledge of the castle's natural construction and how to harness ancient magic to manipulate that construction as both an offensive and defensive tool, the Silverhorn Sentry are a crucial line of defense when protecting the castle and its Queen.
Two head options come with the Silverhorn Sentry. In Mythic Legions Book 1 two Senties are seen, one with each head.



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