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Warcry is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Growl made by FansProject in 2011.


Warcry is an homage to the Transformers Micromaster Growl made by FansProject.


FansProject first teased Warcry and Flameblast on the internet in December 2010.[1]

Warcry was released in April 2011.


In the moonbase2 podcast for January 9th, 2011 Andy mentioned the upcoming remold of Munitioner into Warcry.[2]

The Twincast podcast for January 17th, 2011 covered Warcry and Flameblast in the news.[3]

Warcry was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[4]

Fictional biography

Travel Log Entry # 1539

Tag: Warcry, Berserker System, Inhumanity Experiment

Being discovered in an abandoned facility, Warcry remembers nothing about his past, including his name. He was named after the very limited information left in the experimental record Project Berserker – Warcry, this is the only thing we learn from the file fragment.

Although he lost his memory, he has very high proficiency in weaponry and combat skill, which makes us believe that he was a solider before.

We still haven't fully cracked the “berserker system” that's installed to his body, all we know is that the system is extremely dangerous and we don't have effective countermeasure against it. Further analysis is required and it is a priority as we may encounter more enemies with berserker systems installed.

Defender – Warbot leader[5]


  • FansProject Causality CA-01 Warcry (2011)
Warcry is a remold of Munitioner. Turns from robot to truck. He has a different head and accessories. He lacks the extra accessories from Munitioner comes with for the other Combaticons. Comes with instructions and a collector card.



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