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FansProject character
Volar box
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Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Mechanical pteranodon and trainer

Seibertron - Micron Templar

"My past is filled with hatred and pain, but I can forge a glorious future."


Volar is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Swoop, Armada Ravenus, and Diaclone Pteranodon made by FansProject in 2015.


Volar is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Swoop.

Other third-party Swoop homages include Bullsfire Air Strike, GCreation Blade and JustIToys Bombardier.


LER-03 was first teased at TFcon Toronto 2014.[1]

Volar went up for preorder in February 2015.

Volar and Velos were released in April 2015.

The convention exclusive version of Volar was first released at TFcon Toronto 2015.


The Cybercast podcast for September 13th, 2014 discussed Cubrar, Steel Core, Volar and Monstructor homage in the news.[2]

The TransMissons podcast for September 15th, 2014 discussed FansProject Quickswitch homage, Sigma L and Volar in the news.[3]

Fictional biography

FansProject - No surprise here, aerial attacks are the choice of strategy for this swift and menacing warrior of the sky. Finesse and vision is what makes Volar an unstoppable force from the air. Flight is definitely his advantage and serves as the teams eyes on the ground in a messy situation.[4]
TFcon 2015 - Volar was once known as Ravenus, a creation of the Chaos Bringer during the Micron Legend era. His purpose, to destroy anyone wanting to unlock the power of the Master Key. After being freed of his demonic shackles by a determined group of female Microns, he dedicated himself to protecting his new found 'petit' friends and protecting Seibertron against his former creator. In his hilt, he carries the Ptera Blade, further solidifying his new found role as Templar to the Microns.


  • FansProject LER-03 Volar/Velos (2015)
A new mold. Volar turns from robot to mechanical pteranodon. stands 18 centimeters tall. Velos turns from robot to weapon.
  • FansProject LER-03 Volar (2015)
A metallic recolor of Volar that comes with a Diaclone driver version of Velos.
A TFcon 2015 exclusive.



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