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Unique Toys character
Troll in box
Created by

Unique Toys
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Robotic troll

Troll is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Blot made by Unique Toys made in 2014.

Unique Toys

Troll is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Blot. He turns form humanoid robot to robotic monster or becomes the leg of Ordin.


Troll shipped in October 2014.


When asked about the Abominus inspired design from Unique Toys, Cassy Sark said "This is nothing to do with me, but I would like to shake the hand of the designer. Looks really good."

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for September 11th, 2014 discussed Ordin and Troll in the news.[1]

The Cybercast podcast for September 13th, 2014 discussed Troll in the news.[2]

The TransMissons podcast for September 15th, 2014 discussed Troll in the news.[3]

The Star To Star Toys News podcast for October 14th, 2014 discussed Troll in the news.[4]


  • Unique Toys O-01 Troll (2014)
An original third-party Transformer mold by Unique Toys. Turns from humanoid robot to robotic troll. Comes with three weapons that become the combiner mode foot.



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