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Transformers: Rescue Bots is a toy and television series line in the Transformers franchise, and is part of the Aligned Continuity.


The show focuses on the titular Rescue Bots and their alliance with the Burns family of emergency responders on the fictional island of Griffin Rock, Maine.

In the fourth season the Rescue Bots finally reveal their Cybertronian nature to the citizens of Griffin Rock. The series also crosses over somewhat with Robots in Disguise, featuring Will Friedle as the voice of Bumblebee and an episode in which Sideswipe teams up with the Rescue Bots to apprehend a Cyclone Mini-Con named Bounce.




  • Burns family
    • Charlie Burns
    • Cody Burns
    • Dani Burns
    • Graham Burns
    • Kade Burns
    • Woodrow Burns
  • Greene family
    • Dr. Ezra "Doc" Greene
    • Francine "Frankie" Greene
    • Professor Anna Baranova-Greene
    • Cecilia "Cece" Greene
  • Townspeople
    • Mayor Luskey-the mayor of Griffin Rock, a complete idiot who often endangers himself, the town, or local wildlife in the name of increasing tourism or having a landmark with his name on it. He is a short, balding man with a toupee that he often loses.
    • Mrs. Luskey-the mayor's wife, though she often is more concerned about her dog Poopsy than her danger-prone husband.
    • Mr. Bunty
    • Taylor-a Griffin Rock plane pilot who's attracted to Dani, something that she reciprocates. Taylor also enjoys windsurfing and has been trained as an EMT. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith.
    • Amy-an engineer who moved to Griffin Rock in the third season and quickly drew the affections of Graham, though he initially lacked confidence in approaching her. Amy also has a pet monkey named Tesla who has the tendency to get lose. Following her initial appearance she has mostly figured as a background character.
    • Hayley-an elementary teacher in Griffin Rock whom Kade has been interested in for some time, though she initially didn't return his feelings due in part to his ego.
  • Historical Figures


  • Dr. Thaddeus Morocco-the main recurring human antagonist for the series.
  • Evan and Myles-twin thieves who often plague Griffin Rock with advanced technological knowledge. Evan is the brains of the operation, while his brother Myles is the silent partner and wears glasses, which serve to distinguish him visually from his brother.
  • Madeline Pynch-an amoral businesswoman who's obsessed with increasing her own wealth and resources, regardless of the means she must use to do so. This includes using mind control technology on Griffin Rock's citizens, illegal drilling and mining operations, and teaming up with Dr. Morocco before blackmailing him so that she could acquire his youth-restoring technology. She is notable as the only major female villain in the series, as well as the only villain who's never been captured by the Burns family.
  • Priscilla Pynch-Madeline Pynch's spoiled daughter and the heir of her amoral streak; thus far she has served as more of a troublemaker than an outright antagonist in the series. Around the same age as Cody and Frankie, she often acts out in a bid to make herself look or sound better or to acquire something she covets.
  • Colonel Quint Quarry-a big game hunter known for holding illegal catch-and-release hunts on a private island. Quarry employs Q-Drones, robots capable of generating energy fields around targets of varying size to immobilize and/or carry them, and the Helijet, a helicopter equipped with jet engines. He first crosses paths with the Rescue Bots and the Burns family after Optimus Prime loses control of his T-Rex alterante mode, capturing Optimus in order to use him as prey in his hunting business. He would later cross paths with them again on subsequent occasions. Colonel Quarry is voiced by Jim Cummings.
  • Vigil, the Vigilant Computer-a highly advanced computer designed to control all technology in Griffin Rock and programmed to insure 100% safety for the town. Unfortunately, Vigil's purely logic driven programming went to extreme lengths to insure the "safety" of the townspeople, and he distrusted the Burns family due to his inability to take control of the Rescue Bots. He resorted to confining Griffin Rock's citizens to their homes and protecting himself from anyone who tried to reprogram him, but was defeated due to his programming preventing him from using his defensive measures to harm humans. He was thus sent to Griffin Rock's "Island of Misfit Tech," an isolated island for technology deemed dangerous but preserved in hopes of a use being found for it someday. Vigil soon corrected his programming and then gained the ability to transfer himself from one piece of technology to another, though with limited range to his ability, and managed to get himself back to Griffin Rock. After locking a protective energy dome over the island, he began filling Griffin Rock with a gas that would put the residents to sleep in order to insure "maximum safety" and attempted to insure that the dome would never be lowered. However, the Rescue Bots, Cody, and Frankie managed to trap him in a toy rocket that they sent flying into the island's EMP Zone, which shut the rocket down and apparently destroyed Vigil for good.
  • Lord Thurston Chumley
  • Bounce


  • Mr. Pettipaws
  • Tesla
  • Whiskers

Toy Line Exclusives

Rescue Bots


  • Axel Frazier-Bumblebee's partner
  • Billy Blastoff-Chase's partner
  • Cody Burns (adult version)-Heatwave's partner
  • Sawyer Storm-Blades and Medix's partner
  • Walker Cleveland-Boulder's partner