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Transformers: Animated is an animated series and continuity in the Transformers franchise.


As with most Transformers series, Animated focuses on the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons for control of the planets Cybertron and Earth. It departed in a number of ways from the classic formula, including the following:

  • Optimus Prime is the leader of only one crew of Autobots, and the title Prime is a common military rank.
  • Ultra Magnus is the supreme commander of the Autobots, with Magnus being his title rather than part of his name.
  • Rather than being created by the Quintessons, Primus, or having an unexplained origin as in previous animated incarnations, the source of Transformer life is the AllSpark artifact as in the Transformers film series.
  • There is no version of the Ark in this series, and the vessel used by Optimus Prime and his crew to reach Earth is in fact Omega Supreme.
  • Megatron was unacquainted with Optimus Prime prior to the start of this series



Season One

  • Transformed and Rollout part 1
  • Transformed and Rollout part 2
  • Transformed and Rollout part 3

Season Two

Season Three

  • Transwarped Part 1
  • Transwarped Part 2
  • Transwarped Part 3
  • Decepticon Air
  • This is why I Hate Machines

Season Four (cancel)