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Tracer (sometimes called Caliburst) is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He was introduced in 1988 as one of the Targetmasters for the Autobot Scoop.

1988 Transformers

Transformers character
Dreamwave comics Tracer art
Name Tracer
Series Transformers: Generation 1
First appearance Transformers by Marvel Comics 60
Alternate modes Twin laser-guided ion blaster
Sex Male
Partner Scoop and Holepunch
Sub-group Targetmaster

Tracer transforms into a twin laser-guided ion blaster. He is partnered with the Autobot Scoop. The Marvel comics biography depicts Tracer as a reformed criminal looking for a pardon, while the Dreamwave comics biography depicts him as an anarchist musician.

In the Marvel Comics Transformers stories Nebulans are depicted as human-looking aliens, while in the animated series they are green-skinned aliens. In the Ladybird Books stories the Nebulans are human-sized robots.

Animated series

Although the animated series stopped making new episodes in the US before Tracer was released, he appeared in animated form along with the other Double Targetmasters in commercials for the toys.

Animation from the commercial was used in the opening credits for season 5 of the Transformers, which retold episodes of earlier seasons. Tracer appeared in them.[1]

When the Generation 2 animated series was aired animated bits of the Generation 1 commercial with Tracer in it were edited into the episode "More Than Meets The Eye Part 1." [2]


Ladybird Books

Quickmix, Quickswitch and Scoop appeared in the Ladybird Books story Decepticons Underground, where they were sent on a mission by Optimus Prime to find the Decepticons in the Nebulos Triangle. Although the Targetmaster partners of Quickmix and Scoop appeared in gun mode in the book's illustration, they did not speak or transform to robot mode.[3][4]


Marvel Comics

Events exclusive to the Marvel UK Transformers comics appear in italics.

Tracer first appeared in issue #60 of the Marvel Comics Transformers series. Scoop wields Holepunch and Tracer during a series of fuel raids on Cybertron alongside the recently revived Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee. Scoop and his Targetmasters had a full page biography printed in issue #61.

In the Marvel UK Transformers comic issue #223 story called "Aspects of Evil!" Scoop and Landfill with their Targetmasters aided Rodimus Prime against Decepticon Micromaster Air Strike Patrol, who were attacking Scorponok.

Dreamwave Productions

Scoop and his Targetmasters did not appear in Dreamwave comics fiction but did receive a biography in issue #5 of their Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye series.


Tracer and Holepunch toys
  • Transformers Double Targetmaster Scoop with Tracer and Holepunch (1988))
A double Targetmaster toy Scoop came with his Targetmaster partners Tracer and Holepunch.[5][6]
  • Transformers Generations Scoop with Caliburst and Holepunch (2014)
Caliburst is included in this mold as a new figure; it was later recolored into Dia and Sunbeam.

Shattered Glass

This version of Tracer is a heroic Decepticon Micromaster.


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