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Terrashock is a Decepticon Buffaloid, a Transformer whose robot mode resembles a Buffalo; his vehicle mode is a large truck.


Animated series

Terrashock was once an enforcer for Contrail on Cybertron, but was arrested and imprisoned aboard the Alchemor while on a mission to take out one of Contrail's enemies. After the Alchemor crashed on Earth, Terrashock's Stasis pod was found by humans and taken to a museum in Crown City, where the damage it had sustained cause Terrashock to awaken and break out. Due to his limited intelligence, Terrashock was greatly confused by the confines of the museum, but still managed to take down the various Autobots who came after him singly. He soon broke out of the museum and fled, but fortunately the Autobots were able to corral and capture him, imprisoning him in a Stasis pod once again; he has not appeared in the series since.

Terrashock was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.