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Terminus Hexatron
Mastermind Creations character
Terminus Hexatron box
Created by

Mastermind Creations
Release number

R01, R01C, R01D
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

APC/laser pistol/star fighter/tank/winged wolf

Super Gladiator

ST10 IN07 SP04 EN09

RN02 CO09 FB08 SK07

Terminus Hexatron is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Sixshot made by Mastermind Creations in 2013.

Mastermind Creations

Terminus Hexatron is an homage to the Transformers character Sixshot. He carried two rifles and two swords.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Sixshot include JustIToys Solo Assault Group.


The Hexatron mold was designed by Cassy Sark.

Mastermind Creations teased Terminus Hexatron at TFcon 2011.[1]

Mastermind Creations posted color images on Terminus Hexatron on the Facebook page in August 2011.[2] They also posted art of the recolor of Terminus Hexatron as Grandus Hexatron and Shadow Hexatron.[3]

Mastermind Creations posted prototype images of Terminus Hexatron on their blog in September 2011.[4]

Pictures of another prototype of Terminus Hexatron were posted to the Mastermind Creations Facebook page in March 2012.[5]

A third Terminus Hexatron prototype was displayed at Auto Assembly 2012.[6]

In April 2013 TFscource displayed the box for Terminus Hexatron and announced it was delayed until April.[7]

The first review copies of Terminus Hexatron Super Nova were released in May 2013.

The Terminus Hexatron toy was displayed at the Captured Prey Third Party at Botcon in June 2013.[8]

Terminus Hexatron was released in June 2013.

Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary was released in June 2014.

Terminus Hexatron Continuum was released in November 2014.


In the moonbase2 podcast for August 1st, 2011 a Terminus Hexatron render was mentioned in the news. The hosts doubted it would ever see the light of day. They were also confused about what Mastermind Creations had already made and wished there was a wiki database they could consult. [9]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for August 15th, 2011 discussed color images of Terminus Hexatron in the news.[10]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for September 5th, 2011 discussed Terminus Hexatron color images in the news.[11]

The Twincast podcast for October 26th, 2011 covered Terminus Hexatron in the news.[12]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for December 19th, 2011 discussed images of Hexatron in the news.[13]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for February 29th, 2012 discussed in Hexatron as part of their Third Party Roundup.[14]

Terminus Hexatron was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[15]

The WTF@TFW podcast for January 1st, 2013 selected pictures of Terminus Hexatron as one of the New Picture Picks.[16]

In the Radio Free Cybertron podcast for January 30th, 2013 images comparing Terminus Hexatron with other Transformers were mentioned in the Third Party Roundup.[17]

In the moonbase2 podcast for April 17th, 2013 news that Terminus Hexatron was delayed made it into the Crappy Corner section.[18]

Terminus Hexatron was among the third-party Transformers who appeared in an advertisement by Tempting Toys & Collectibles inside the Transformers: Timelines issue for Summer 2013.[19]

The Retro Robot Radio podcast for May 3rd, 2014 mentioned Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary in the news.[20]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for May 5th, 2014 discussed Mastermind Creations Talon and Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary in the news.[21]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for May 7th, 2014 discussed Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary in the news.[22]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for September 11th, 2014 discussed Spartan, Terminus Hexatron Continuum and Titaica in the news.[23]

The Cybercast podcast for September 13th, 2014 discussed Terminus Hexatron Continuum in the news.[24]

Terminus Hexatron Continuum was featured in an article in the January 2015 issue of Chi Soul Die (模魂志) magazine.[25]


  • Mastermind Creations R01 Terminus Hexatron Super Nova (2013)
An original third-party Transformer mold created by Mastermind Creations. Comes with two rifles and two swords, instructions/comic and collector card.
This toy is to be remolded and recolored into Grandus Hexatron and Shadow Hexatron.
This version is cast mostly in grey and black colors. Limited to 120 pieces.
  • Mastermind Creations R01 Terminus Hexatron (2013)
This version is colored like Generation 1 Sixshot.
  • Mastermind Creations R01D Terminus Hexatron Shadow Emissary (2014)
A recolor of Terminus Hexatron in the colors of the Fallen.
  • Mastermind Creations R01C Terminus Hexatron Continuum (2014)
A remold and recolor of Terminus Hexatron with a new head and different weapons.



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