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Tanvir Ahmed Anontow Ponishare-verified.png File:TAnvir Ahmed Anontow.jpg
File:TAnvir Ahmed Anontow.jpg
Picture of Tanvir Ahmed Anontow
Native name তানভীর আহমেদ অনন্ত
Born 18 Mar 2000
Gazaria, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artisr & Web Designer
Years active 2015
Known for Entrepreneur, Singer, Musical Artist, Musician. Music Composer, Web Designer

Tanvir Ahmed Anontow (Bengali: তানভীর আহমেদ অনন্ত ) is an entrepreneur, musician and founder of HostingNei. Anontow was born on 18 Mar 2000. He also known for digital marketing He is an internet personality who is Mostly known as a digital marketing expert rather than Musician. He has already been verified as the official artist from the international music platforms like: YouTube, TikTok and Spotify. HostingNei is a cheap web hosting company in Bangladesh. It sells facebook related services and other things of digital marketing. An misician/musical artist named Tanvir Ahmed Anontow is aslo the founder of the YaFlix News company which is a viral newspaper of Bangladesh.


Anontow is a Musical artist, an Entrepreneur, and a Digital Marketer. He is also known as an influencer & internet personality. Aged 17, he was born and brought up in Munshiganj, Bangladesh. Since his childhood, he had a deep interest in searching for new things. His classmates recalled that his thinking style is different than many other batchmates in the class. He never hesitated in any kind of experimenting. At a very early of his age, He opened his own company named “HostingNei” with a vision of becoming one of the greatest companies in digital marketing history.

Early Life

He is also a self-published author and has published many books on the topic of digital marketing, personal branding(clothing), and entrepreneurship. Apart from this business, he creates video content, writes blog Articles, records podcasts about digital marketing

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1. Her Drama (2021)

2. Aesthetic Vibes (2021)

3. She And Herself (2021)

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