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Md Saiful Islam Rishat
Rishat Islam
Picture of Rishat Islam
Born Md Saiful Islam
18 January 2002
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Developer
Years active 15-01-2017
Notable works Patrika71

Md Saiful Islam Rishat is a Developer, Web Designer, Blogging Master, and Google AdSense service provider. He took the initiative to do something good from his childhood. He has been completely online since 2016. Her sole purpose was to make money online and teach people something online. Of course, he was able to teach people a lot online. He is currently the CEO of the online portal Patrika71.com. The journey of his online portal started on 2021-01-01. He was born and raised in Barisal, Bangladesh. He likes to teach people various tips online. He is currently known as a Professional Developer.

Early life

Rishat grew up in a village in Barisal from an early age. He studied in Barisal. He has been affected online since he was just 11 years old. Stay online all the time. From then on, he took care of teaching people and learning by himself. His online bar love has been made since childhood.


He has won various awards as an entrepreneur. He also won medals as a professional developer and designer. He also won a medal for owning an online portal. He has received special praise from the audience. Several of his works are at the top of many viewers' favorites.

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