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In fiction, techno-organic material (or technorganic) is a material with properties and abilities of both organic and technological (mechanical and information-processing) material.

Use in fiction

In the Marvel Universe, T-O beings that are members of the Technarchy, or are infected with Technarchy material via the Transmode Virus, are powered by a form of energy called "Lifeglow".

James Rhodes, War Machine, obtains as an intelligent Techno-Organic armor known as Eidolon Warwear, that is an evolving symbiotic suit that when in need to make weapons or change for survival capability. The Armor 'sings' in battle, it can also deploy drones, that when destroyed James feels pain. The armor can change into a marking on his chest. The armor hasn't made an appearance since the end of the original War Machine series and is rarely if ever mentioned. Only one person, beside James, is shown wearing a version Eidolon Warwear, an alien warrior who tells James a little about the Armor as they battle each other including that the armor has latent capabilities.

In Transformers, Techno-organic material describes the melding of technological and biological components into a single entity, fused at the cellular level.

A technorganic Transformer is no longer a purely technological robot, nor an organic life form. In the words of technorganic guru Optimus Primal, they are "both, and neither"—a balance of organic and mechanical, combining the strengths of both.[1]

In Transformers Animated the concept is further explained as a being with a cell-structure comprising both technological and biological components. Thus, a techno-organic entity could be considered a form of cyborg.

Similar concepts also exist in other fiction, such as the titular Tekkamen in Tekkaman Blade franchise. The series Farscape features a starship-sized space-faring species called Leviathans, these creatures are classified as bio-mechaniods. The Bio-Armor in the Guyver series is also made entirely of Techno-organic material.

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